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Confucius was a very smart man

Leadership, personal development and mentoring education are littered with inspirational and insightful quotes. For many people this maybe his most meaningful:

“Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

Indeed, this maybe the mantra for many entrepreneurs.

And from my experience, I agree with the quote. For 20 years I never considered what I did work. I loved it so much. My passion drove me every day.

And that is why I had no problems with doing ‘stuff’ on weekends or late at night. I never considered it work because I loved what I did (in fact still do!).

But do others?

You see Confucius forget about others in his quote. As we are doing “it” (and if it is not work, then what do we call it?) our loved ones don’t see it the same way.

They see us being taken away from them. Quality time or even unquality time with them is precious in the busy world we live and when we justify what we are doing with the phrase “But it is not work” we add fuel to the relationship fire.

I 100% understand what Confucius says and the implications. But the people that provide us the support, modern day inspiration and motivation don’t agree. No matter their degree of understanding, they see it is as work and they want us to take break. They want us on holidays, out for dinner, going to a movie or even having a work out. They want our attention.

How can we re-word the quote?

I don’t think we can – it is too profound.

But I do think we can extend it: “Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life just make sure one of those ‘somethings’ is done with someone you love.”

What do you think?

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Justin Tamsett

Justin Tamsett

Justin is Australia’s leading fitness business management consultant. He’s worked in the industry since 1989, as a personal trainer, sales manager and health club owner. He understands the pressure that SME business owners and managers sometimes put themselves under. He’s been there and done that and now suffers from a stress-induced chronic illness! In his blog he’ll share his tips on how to stay healthy, productive and happy at work and at home, whether you’re a couch potato or a gym bunny. Follow him on Twitter @JTActiveMgmt or check out his personal blog www.JustinTamsett.com

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