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Comodo’s HackerProof gets an upgrade

Comodo, the company probably best known for their PC software firewall solutions has announced the latest version of their HackerProof solution for e-commerce merchants.

HackerProofHackerProof, a service to help visitors to your website into buyers, acts to certify that the site has been tested and meets Comodo’s stringent security standards, is not open to hacker attack and your data will be safe with the site.

The HackerProof ‘trust mark’ is available to sites that pass Comodo’s vulnerability scans and that are certified to be free of security gaps. E-commerce sites use the HackerProof trust mark as an endorsement of the site’s credibility because people associate the Comodo brand with trust and security.

To demonstrate the value of HackerProof, Comodo offers the program, along with its enhanced reporting capabilities, to merchants for free for 90 days so they can see an increase in site conversion rates prior to paying for the service.

HackerProof also protects site visitors from malicious web content . Acting as a vulnerable customer, its SiteInspector feature . visits the site, searches for malicious web content, and reports its findings so that site owners may take corrective action.

For more information about the benefits of using Comodo HackerProof to build trust with website visitors and customers visit www.comodo.com/hackerproof.

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