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‘Buy it, try it, keep it or return it free’, local online fashion retailer says

Kaeho.com.au is taking on its international competitors by allowing customers to order a range of clothes in different sizes to try on at home, before returning any items they don’t like for free.

The men’s fashion website is attempting to better compete against international e-tailers, by providing a local retail alternative for consumers.

Kaeho co-founder Daniel Clark said people haven’t had an option of this kind until now.

Whilst Australian discount shopping online is booming, what if people don’t want to buy the rubbish they sell? What if people want good quality brands, with overnight delivery, and from a company that focuses on them?”

With poor quality websites, poor customer experience and focus solely on price, local retailers have suffered as international stores target their primary consumers. Kaeho now aims to tackle those competitors, focusing on the customer with its “buy it, try it, keep it or return it” policy.

“We’re probably the easiest retailer to deal with, because we focus on customers and not profits. As consumers ourselves, we don’t like it when retailers lock us in.”

The website pays for all shipping of products both ways and will fully refund within 24 hours so as not to leave consumers out of pocket.

The future of online retailing isn’t all about price, it’s about getting exactly what you want, when you want it, without fuss. Freeing up your time to do something better. We’re here for people who value that.”

The website wants to raise the standard of local online shopping to bring customers back to the Australian economy.

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