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Build a culture that celebrates mistakes

The CTOs of Etsy and BirchBox talk about start-up team-building, blame-free postmortems, and their worst mistakes ever.

Not every master plan is truly genius. Not every scheme works. Entrepreneurs know that better than anyone.

Last week in Brooklyn, New York, a panel at the Northside Festival explored that theme with a panel presentation called “Sh*t That Seemed Like A Good Idea At the Time But I’d Never Do Again.” Panelists Kellan Elliott-McCrea, chief technology officer of online craft marketplace Etsy, and Liz Crawford, CTO of curated products company BirchBox, entertained the crowd with stories of lessons they learned during their years of building start-ups.

Build Teams While Building Products

When you’re starting up, keeping a step ahead on staffing up seems less important than getting your core product right. But it’s actually just as central to your long-term success.

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