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Broadband network heralds new wave of telecommunications development

The Government’s National Broadband Network has been praised as heralding in a “new wave of telecommunications development” at the Australian Telecommunications User Group Regional Conference in Canberra yesterday.

Chairman Graeme Samuel spoke of the network sparking a new wave of infrastructure investment, technologies change and product innovation in the sector.

He said the network will usher in “21st century communications technology” and will help to boost the economy and make improvements in a variety of sectors.

He spoke of the advantages that could be offered which include: supporting smart grids to improve energy efficiency and support carbon emissions reductions; high quality video conferencing making the means of communication an accessible alternative to travel; helping students and teachers work together in the classroom through virtual classrooms, video and audio streaming; along with improvements in health and aged care with telemedicine and by managing patients in their homes rather than hospital beds.

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Jessica Stanic

Jessica Stanic

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