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Attract customers who want to buy: 7 ways

A new HubSpot survey proves inbound marketing is a hands down winner in customer attraction. Here are seven tips on how to drive customers to your door.

Last week, I suggested to some contention that you could Do More Business with Fewer Sales People. One clear path to doing this is through inbound marketing.

Since HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan wrote the book on inbound marketing, it’s no surprise they have a stake in seeing companies use it to its full potential. (UsingHubSpot software of course.) So it was interesting this week to see them release results from an in-depth survey of 3,339 companies and agencies, two thirds of which were not HubSpot users.

The about to be released 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report, (here’s an exclusive sneak peak), shows that 58 percent of respondents are using inbound marketing. More important, 48 percent will increase their spending on inbound marketing this year. So it’s likely that if you’re not using inbound marketing techniques, you’ll be competing against those who are.

…to read this article in full, visit leading US small business resource, Inc.



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