Are you communicating to your strength?

You cannot deny that making a strong first impression is key to being successful in business and once you get that first 7 seconds over with then you need to move on to making a lasting impression that continues through your entire relationship with this person.

Effective communication skills are key to being successful and to master any skill you have to first understand its elements.

Communication is broken down into three aspects:

Words – Tone – and Non-Verbal Communicators.

“Sure” I hear you say however you may be surprised at how different they are in importance to what you thought:

So the actual words spoken (including slang and jargon) only makes up 7% importance, but it is how you say those words that is more important, your tone, pitch, pace, volume and quality of voice makes up 38%.

Think of it this way, you go see a speaker and in their presentation they have amazing content, they are an expert in their field, they could potentially inspire a life changing shift in your thought process with their incredible insight……. But, they are mono-toned and their vocal energy is flat as a board. Changes are you wouldn’t have taken in one word they said and that is disappointing for you both really. (I know we have all been in one or two presentations just like this).

Be very aware on how you are using your voice to carry your message; the ears and brain need variety in tone and pitch to stay engaged.

So I will save you reaching for your calculator (yes I had to reach for mine) there is still a whooping 55% missing and that covers the whole package, all the other stuff we do when conversing with someone – the non-verbal communicators: The handshakes, presence and how you hold yourself, smiles, nods and eye contact. This is a huge element so make sure you are conscious of your behaviours and how they may be perceived.

What is it that keeps you engaged?

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