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7 ways to tell stories (truthful ones) to sell online

Want to make social media work for you? Tell a story. A personal, honest one about you, or an employee. Not effective? Try again.

Consumers don’t care about you. They care about what you mean to them. And meaning comes from stories. When you tell your company story, you become more relatable. And when consumers relate to your brand, they’ll buy from you.

Social media allows you to tell your stories at scale and build powerful relationships with your customers. In the past, storytelling to the masses was expensive and only possible via large media firms. Now, storytelling is free, or near-free, via accessible social media tools.

Here are seven simple ways you can become a more effective storyteller on social media:

1. Tell your brand’s story.

While not every company was started with a wedding, every company has an interesting beginning with a founder and a dream. Every organisation’s humble beginnings have the potential to resonate with consumers. When a consumer hears the story of how your company was born, he or she can feel an immediate emotional connection with you.

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