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5 ways to stop stress before it starts

What science tells us about stress and how entrepreneurs can nip it in the bud.

In 2008, at the tail end of a business trip that took her from Kenya to India to Romania, Ellen Barnard realized she needed to make a change or stress would get the best of her. She’d been co-owner and executive producer of the Atlanta-based production company, Tomorrow Pictures, for 12 years and hadn’t made much time for exercise or social commitments.

“I wasn’t just tired. I wasn’t just experiencing malaise. I was really stressed out,” Barnard says. “I had an ah-ha moment where I thought, ‘If I can get rid of some of this stress, I can be more productive.” So, she signed up for a knitting class. To this day, she meets with the group every Monday night. “It was sort of life changing for me,” she says.

Relax. We aren’t telling you to take up knitting. Calming as its proponents say it is, knitting itself isn’t what made the difference in Barnard’s stress levels. It was the simple act of spending time with people in a social setting. Now, Barnard also meets weekly with a group of women entrepreneurs and walks with her neighbors three times a week.

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