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5 tips for great partnerships

You say tomato, your partner says to-mah-to. When to talk it out – and when to yell.

Ben and Jerry. Batman and Robin. De Niro and Tarantino. Partnerships bring the best of two people together to create something much bigger than each could have accomplished alone.

Whether it’s ice cream or movies, what makes a partnership thrive? What happens when the opposing points of view combine for the worse–not the better? And how do you overcome the challenge of negotiation to reach a really groundbreaking result?

We’re well versed in creative partnerships. We founded design and branding firm Carbone Smolan Agency 35 years ago and since then, we’ve weathered three recessions, the gain and loss of clients around the world, and management of a staff that has ranged from 15 to 50. We couldn’t have done it without each other–no easy feat, given our yin and yang approach to business and creative problems.

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