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Steve Jobs Apple CEO launches the iPad 2

Steve Jobs Apple CEO launches the iPad 2. Photo credit: gadgetynews.com

4 leadership lessons from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died one year ago, this week. Let’s be reminded of his tremendous example to entrepreneurs everywhere.

Ever since I converted completely to Mac 10 years ago, I’ve been a huge fan of Apple and the products that Steve Jobs brought to market.

Apple’s attention to its brand, the quality of its products, its willingness to go the extra mile to make sure you know how to use the technology all offer an example to companies everywhere. In my work, more than any other great company, my customers most often mention they want to be “like Apple.”

But it wasn’t until I read Steve Jobs’ biography that he became one of my personal business heroes, and I realised why so few companies can truly be like Apple. Here’s four reasons why that’s the case, and probably will be for a long time:

He was willing to start over.

Jobs started from scratch when he came back to Apple and made it bigger and better than it was before.

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