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4 easy to use tools for building websites

Get your business online in a flash using these simple services.

Creating a website once meant writing a big check to a design firm. Now there are plenty of Web-based tools that promise to make it easy for anyone to build a professional site, no coding or design skills necessary.

We tested four of them to see how they compare in terms of usability, features, and the finished product. Here are the results, ranked with stars (one star=good; four stars=great).

Sidengo *

We created a site in 20 minutes using Sidengo. After choosing a font and a background photo, we added a logo, slogan, and links to four sections. Our final site looked professional but basic. For instance, when you click on a section, the content pops up on the right-hand side of the homepage, not on a separate page. That’s not the only drawback: Sidengo offers only a dozen templates, and you have to go to a third-party site to register your domain. On the upside, Sidengo can replicate your site on Facebook. The service plans to add basic eCommerce functions this fall.

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