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3 reasons to tell a customer it’s time to see other companies

When a customer demands to speak with me, the owner, about an issue normally resolved by my customer service team, it usually means that the end of our relationship is nigh.

This post is about break-ups. The kind that end due to irreconcilable differences and an acknowledgement (at least by one party) that both sides would be better off without the other.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about relationships rooted in love and romance. I’m talking about the ‘other’ personal relationships in your life: those with your customers. Though these relationships are admittedly the lifeblood of your business, every once in a while, your best efforts to please will not be enough. An unsatisfied customer will become, well, unsatisfiable. And though impulse might tell you to persevere (and that every customer counts), in some cases, it is best to call it quits.

My team has been given the training and latitude to do whatever necessary to ensure our customers are happy. If a call is escalated through the ranks and up to me, it’s usually an indication that the customer will not be happy, no matter what.

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