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$250,000 program to upskill unhappy employees

Australian registered training organisation Upskilled has launched a $250,000 initiative to provide individuals with career help. Upskilled developed the offer after noting survey results showing that more than half of working Australians are unhappy in their careers.

“It’s so easy to get stuck in a career rut but we’re hoping that our Upskilling Australia initiative will really help people across the country to recognise and achieve their work-related goals,” said Upskilled spokesperson Mark Sexty.

Upskilling Australia sees the organisation offer a free professional training course valued at $4,000 to an individual in each of 60 different locations across the country. The locations are a mixture of metropolitan and regional areas.

“We’re committed to providing flexible professional training in regional areas across Australia, not just in metro hubs, giving everyone the chance to benefit from improved skills and increased confidence,” said Sexty of the location choices.

Upskilled courses include subjects such as business administration, human resources, management and project management, and are conducted via tailored training sessions that take place one day a month, over an average period of eight months or via e-learning.

To apply for a free course, candidates should state why they deserve to be offered a place on an Upskilled training scheme in no more than 150 words and send to entries@upskilled.com.au. For more information on locations covered by the scheme, see www.upskilled.edu.au.

Would you help your employees reach their career goals even if it meant losing them?

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