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10 ways to make visits to your office memorable

You can feel the culture-a certain family “vibe”-the moment you walk in the door to our offices. Here’s how you can create an ambiance too.

Recently, an opposing team’s fan was so impressed with the “culture” of a Texas A&M Aggies game, he wrote this article.

It reminded me of how visitors to Beryl’s offices always tell me how they can feel the culture-a certain “vibe” that defines us-the moment they walk in the door. I’m often asked how we created that feeling, and my response is always that we empower employees to be themselves.

There are many small things that we do to create, sustain, and improve our company culture, and I can often see the impact they have on our financial results. Here I’ll define one aspect of company culture: 10 ways to help make visitors feel more at “home”:

1. Prepare before visitors arrive. 

Quite often visitors come in to see us from out of town. We go out of our way to make sure their travel arrangements are taken care of. We’ll send a car to the airport or pick them up personally if we can get away. We make sure they know of some cool restaurants or sights to see if they are going to spend extra time in town.

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