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Taking a business from $50 million in sales to $2 billion in under two years: CEO turned coach Andrew Laurie

Andrew Laurie has gone from sales roles to CEO, to founder and entrepreneur, to executive coach.

He is someone that truly practices what he preaches. As a coach, he wants his business owner clients to live extraordinary lives through providing the freedom that entrepreneurship often promises yet rarely delivers. Andrew has designed his healthy, fulfilled lifestyle through his entrepreneurial ventures that span across his international career.

When Dynamic Business asked Andrew about the main projects he is currently working on, his reply was firstly not business related, but instead focussed on family and hobbies. Of course, Andrew is a busy business owner and coach, but his positive approach to work life balance is rare, and is shown in the prioritisation of his answer – something we should arguably praise more than we do.

Regularly ranked among the top business coaches globally, and recognised in 2018 as Executive Coach of the year worldwide, Andrew has supported countless others to build prosperous businesses, delivering their owners their own enviable lifestyles.

His approach to executive coaching is based on his business acumen and principles used when he grew a business from $50 million in sales to $2 billion in sales in under two years.

Andrew has lectured in strategy and management at Sydney Business School, holds an MBA from INSEAD, Degrees in Economics and Law (Honors) from the ANU and is a published author of business books on strategy, management and the process of releasing yourself from your business.

Andrew is also actively involved in charities aiming to empower young Australians to achieve more in life and to that end has worked with organisations including Rotary, Rotaract, Junior Chambers International, the Oaktree Foundation, White Lion, Open Families Australia and the Top Blokes Foundation.

He continues to pursue his passion for sport and adventure and loves to spend time with his family and friends travelling, rock climbing, skiing, sailing or pursuing a range of other active pursuits. Over the years he has been a professional mountain guide, run ultra-marathons around the world, played cricket to a professional level, rode his bike, alone, across the Nullarbor plain, and climbed such iconic ascents as the Totem Pole in Tasmania.

In this episode of the guest ‘Human Potential’ podcast our host, Oliver Freer, talks with Andrew Laurie.

He talks about the effect a near fatal skiing accident and 100-foot fall had on his approach to life. After falling off a 100-foot cliff in Whistler in 2001, Andrew’s skull was fractured, his brain compressed, his lungs collapsed, and he broke most things from the waist up. Andrew was lucky to be resuscitated, helicoptered to Vancouver, operated on quickly and given the chance to recover.

For 18 years, Andrew has followed a process of dreaming big, setting goals, doing the necessary learning to achieve these, planning well and taking disciplined action.  He has always approached these steps from a “whole of life” perspective; not just a career perspective.

Andrew has implemented a systematic integration in his own life, to great effect, and his approach has been implemented successfully by countless clients.

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