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MONTE CARLO, MONACO – AUGUST 2, 2014: British luxury car Bentley Mulsanne at the city street.

New tech start-up Ticktoc disrupts the disruptor

In and out of the media like a troubled celebrity, we’re all familiar with the plight of Uber. Uber the disruptor. But who would have thought that someone would spot an opportunity to disrupt the disruptor and the already disrupted. Well – ex-Uber driver, John Sajadi did.

Seeing the legal and regulatory issues which were plaguing the ride-sharing industry first-hand, John developed an innovative way to solve these issues in a way that doesn’t undermine government regulations around the world.

“I used to be an Uber driver and also run a hire car business, so I could see first-hand the issues that consumers and drivers were facing. I knew I had the ability to create an application that could solve these problems in the industry, and with a team of very talented IT professionals, developed this technology,” said John.

Developed by a tech savvy team in Melbourne, the new mobile app and website, Ticktoc, allows users to book hire cars and taxis at competitive rates, legally.

Ticktoc2Initially launching in Melbourne, Ticktoc customers will have immediate access to over 250 hire-cars and over 500 taxis, all accredited and licensed. The app incorporates a patented barcode reader which replaces the traditional taxi meter and facilitates cashless payments. GPS mapping technology will also allow customers to know exactly how far away and where their vehicle is.

Ticktoc founder and CEO, John Sajadi, said “with the government crackdown on illegal ride-share services and growing passenger discontent over price monopolisation of the taxi industry, there is a pressing need for an alternative option in the hire car and taxi market which incorporates the latest technology, is price-competitive but also meets regulation standards.

“Ride-sharing services like UberX are unregulated and illegal across most of Australia and there have been concerns over consumer safety due to unregulated, uncertified drivers.”

Whether Uber has ‘overstepped the mark’ with its uber disruptive concept remains to be seen, but with his own team, John sought to both eliminate the key issues facing the industry and capitalise on the demand. And with regulatory issues playing out in courts all over the globe, calls for an answer to the uncertainties around ride-sharing practices are not just local. John said there is a great deal of interest coming from China, the UAE and US to take Ticktoc internationally.

He said “it’s just something that the industry needs, and it was an innovative idea which filled the gaps and demands in the industry so naturally, people saw an opportunity with Ticktoc.”

Whether Uber has ‘overstepped the mark’ with its ‘uber’ disruptive concept remains to be seen.

According to John, Uber has started a great idea but its execution is not good for consumers, taxi or hire car drivers and government bodies. In addition to filling the legal gaps by ensuring drivers are licenced, accredited and legally insured, Ticktoc allows users to book on demand or for a specific time and date. Arguably unlike Uber, Ticktoc aims to tap into a wider customer base with its potentially far-reaching concept. “Anyone and everyone, worldwide” is our target, said John.

“Ticktoc is designed to be a dynamic, user friendly service. It works brilliantly for individuals who need to hail a ride after a party, company workers who need to book in advance for trips to the airport, people wanting to travel to events and functions, cash-strapped university students who need more affordable services to get around… the list goes on.”

So let’s watch this space. There’s no question that traditional taxi services were a sitting duck in an increasingly disruptive and technologically advancing landscape – but it seems existing ride-sharers have so far failed to achieve an equilibrium of interests. Perhaps Ticktoc has done just that.


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