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Mumtrepreneur Adala Bolto on building Zadi brand in Sydney 

Mum of two and successful business owner, Adala Bolto, has launched her first two fitness studios in Surry Hills and Neutral Bay under the brand Zadi. 

This has all happened in only the past 7 months and Zadi is already receiving franchisee enquiries every week as well as a 20% growth month on month. 

Adala Bolto, who is now 40, created ZADI training as she spotted a gap in the market to build a strong female focused brand that was results and technology-driven but also created an experience for clients.

Zadi studios are designed with ‘The experience’ in minds they are set up as a female only nightclub. 

Adala shares why Zadi has been so successful already, where the brand is heading in future and how she balances being a mum with being a new fitness studio owner. 

How have you built a business that is growing 20% each month?

I’m very proud of the great growth ZADI has had since our launch in such a competitive market.

We wanted to be unique from the start, finding a niche gap amongst all the other offerings and we set out to stand out. This was a very deliberate approach and the key to attracting our ideal members instead of wanting to appeal to everyone.

We made sure that the foundation laid at the start was consistent in our brand messaging, language and images. We stuck to our core beliefs and promoted our unique selling points.

By knowing our ideal members behaviours and interests, we then used social and digital platforms as well as partnerships and local marketing in a staged campaign from teasers all the way to launching our service.

From its creation, ZADI was to be a franchise model so we chose one location (Neutral Bay) as a prime example of a franchise studio with the ideal demographic and the other (Surry Hills) for brand positioning. Everything was chosen for success as a brand and a franchise business.

Where do you see Zadi in the future, for example the next 2 to 5 years?

In 2 to 5 years I see ZADI with many locations across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as internationally. We won’t just be focused on growth in Australia, ZADI is a brand and product that can be rolled out in many other countries to meet the demands of a fast growing sector globally. 

What are your top three tips for balancing business growth with being a mum of two?

I’m not sure if I’m doing the greatest job at balance in this start up phase, but, the kids are still talking to me! But my tips to balancing both are:

  • Structure and routine are a must
  • I involve my husband and kids in the business which is a great help and a good way to spend more time together while watching the business grow
  • Set realistic expectations and be prepared to make some sacrifices on the small things

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