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Meet our entrepreneurs of the year

If there’s one thing this year’s winners are, it’s varied! Be inspired by our favourite entrepreneurs of the past 12 months and learn from their real life challenges and triumphs.

Vujasinovic, just 24, started Click PR nine months ago to fulfill the dream of being his own boss.

“Having worked at a large agency, I found the rigid corporate structure, and time-based rather than performance-based promotion scheme stifling. I wanted a meritocracy, so I started my own.”

Online electronics retailer Kogan was his “dream” foundation client: “I quickly picked up Freelancer.com, cementing Click PR’s specialty in the technology and digital sectors. The client roster has grown and flourished in 2011, with a host of exciting retained and project clients.”

It hasn’t always been easy though. “Being a founding team of one meant that in the early days I had no-one to bounce ideas off. It also meant the concept of a sick day is a distant memory. I quickly learned that the clichéd ‘be your own boss’ is a myth. Whether it’s a manager in an office, a client, or a customer, everyone has a boss. If you start a company not treating each customer or client as a boss, you’re doing it wrong.”

He quickly learnt that focusing on your core competitive advantage is key.

“Even before day one, I had to focus on what would really set Click PR apart from the hundreds of agencies out there.”

Picking up new clients has actually been the easy part. “If you do good work and score goals for the brands you partner with, others will inevitably hear about it through word of mouth and come knocking,” says Vujasinovic, who recently moved into a new Sydney office.

“I’m trying to carve out a new way of doing PR,” he says. “I’ve seen the inefficiencies that go on in big agencies. What a traditional agency can do in ten hours, we can do in four. This flexibility and speed means we’re extremely cost-effective. We don’t waste time in endless meetings, we work smart and hard to build buzz about our clients.”

The plans for the future are to continue growing the Click PR team, expanding the client roster with more exciting digital and entrepreneurial companies, and eventually taking the company international.

“We’ve seen inadequacies in big agencies in the US and Europe and there’s definitely scope to take our unique approach to PR to the rest of the world.”

This is one young man dreaming big.

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Jen Bishop

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