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6 tips for entrepreneurs to stay relevant in an ever-evolving, fast-paced market

Marketing your business is always a challenge, especially if you’re in an industry that literally changes from one day to the next. Principal of Michelle May Buyers Agents, Michelle May believes that it’s her passion for educating property buyers that drives her marketing activities, and she shares with Dynamic Business the best approach she has found to remain relevant to an audience. 

Here are her top tips…

Share your knowledge 

I’ve been buying property since I was 22 and made plenty of expensive mistakes when I was younger. I wish I’d had some guidance along the way, and that’s what drives me to help others. If someone listens to one of my podcasts or reads a blog and takes away a little nugget of knowledge that helps them make a better decision, then that’s great. 

I don’t believe in keeping all the secrets to myself. I’m immersed in the property 24/7 and have a wealth of experience and strategies to help people secure a home. If someone wants to do it themselves, I just want them to have as much knowledge as possible. 

Deliver great content

I have a podcast called Sydney Property Insider and also upload regular blogs to my website. I’ve already mentioned that the primary purpose is educating buyers. Still, it also makes me think about what’s happening in the property market and how people respond to the information that I’m putting out there. If people are contacting me and saying, ‘Thanks for the tip!’ because I’ve helped them in their property buying journey, then I know I’m hitting the mark. 

I also think that not everyone understands the role of a Buyer’s Agent and how we solely look after the buyer’s interests. Therefore, my blog, podcast and social media content form a part of that education process.

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Make the most of the media

I regularly appear on the TV and in newspapers in magazines, and it took a while for me to get up the confidence to pursue these opportunities. These are the main reasons I started contacting journalists.

1.       I realised how much experience and credibility I had behind me to educate their audience. Plus, they are always crying out for good content.

2.       I was worried about what some other real estate professionals were adding to the conversation. I knew I could arm people with better knowledge to help them. 

3.       It took me out of my comfort zone and made sure I was across all aspects of the property industry, not just my own.

Live and breathe your brand

LinkedIn is a great place to build your story and make sure it’s consistent across your marketing material. As a Buyer’s Agent, I’m in my clients’ lives for a while, so they need to connect with me on a personal level. As the business expands, customer experience is still going to be based on my standards and values. The company name will be synonymous with a high level of service, integrity and honesty. The ‘why’ will never change: helping people buy better property.

Forge your own path

I think it’s important not to focus on what the competition is up to, which can get very depressing if people are outstripping you in terms of a marketing budget. 

Yes, it’s good to learn from others but maybe look at leaders from other industries. People in information technology, for example, can help me better communicate with my clients.

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Listen to the feedback 

In the modern world, if you’re standing still, you’re falling behind, and good, old-fashioned customer feedback is still one of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse. Without too much effort, you can get a direct line into the mindset of your target audience. What’s working? What isn’t? What could you do better next time? 

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Michelle May

Michelle May

Michelle May is the principal of Michelle May Buyers Agents for Sydney’s Inner West and Eastern Suburbs. Head to michellemay.com.au for more insights into the property market.

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