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DKM’s Dorry Kordahi has the branding edge

With no formal degrees, Dorry Kordahi became the founder and managing director of Dorry Kordahi Management (DKM). Since beginning his marketing and branding business in 2002, out of a shed, DKM has come to operate in Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai and generates more than $4,000,000 in revenue.

DB: What helped you most when trying to get your business off the ground?
DK: For me, getting away for six months before starting DKM really helped. It was a good time for me to reflect and organise how I was going to run my business.
DB: What risks did you have to take?
DK: The main risk was not having enough money in my bank account to get to the next stage. I tried to keep a really tight overhead, which is why I was in my parent’s shed at the start.
DB: Any lessons learned along the way?
DK: Right at the start I was working in my parent’s shed, which was a struggle, but provided a valuable lesson in budgeting and patience. Patience was something I had to develop, because if you don’t have patience you are at risk of making bad decisions.
DB: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
DK: Learn to have patience, follow your gut instincts, have a vision and think five years ahead. They’re the things I really believe in.
DB: What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?
DK: Having the power to act. Being an entrepreneur and running a business means that if you fail or if you succeed it all falls in your lap. The ability to be creative is probably the most exciting thing.

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