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BuzzElection tracks Australian election ‘buzz’ online

BuzzNumbers, Australia’s first social media intelligence and monitoring company, has launched BuzzElection to track Australia’s 2010 Federal Election online.

BuzzNumbersBuzzElection provides real-time coverage and analysis of the election, dubbed as Australia’s first ever “Twitter Election.”  The site delivers a comprehensive overview of election coverage across online forums, social media sites, and twitter, offering a breakdown of coverage by topics, city, state-by-state analysis, and the Top 100 Influential Tweeters.

Among the top issues discussed today are Climate Change and Immigration, with the most active tweeters located in Sydney and Canberra.  Click here to see which topics are trending right now.

BuzzNumbers is Australia’s first Social Media Intelligence and Monitoring company, allowing companies to track online media, news, blogs, forums, social media & video and provides powerful Intelligence and Monitoring capabilities through its Web Software.

BuzzNumbers provides Australian brands with true actionable insights from online conversations, says founder Nick Holmes a Court.

“Where traditionally you would have needed to commission time consuming, expensive market research to understand this type of data BuzzNumbers and social media put these insights at your finger tips instantly,” he said.

BuzzElection will track the ‘election buzz’ online using the same underlying technologies that enables BuzzNumbers to analyse social media for your business.

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