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27 yr old entrepreneur Dr Elliot Smith and his med startup that is saving men’s lives

At just 27 years old, Dr Elliot Smith is the CEO and Co-founder of Maxwell Plus, which is backed by Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter.

Maxwell Plus is a Brisbane based medical business rethinking the way we detect and diagnose cancer, with a specific focus on prostate cancer.

Elliot was inspired to start Maxwell Plus after his father went through 6 months of not knowing whether or not he had prostate cancer.

1 in 7 men in Australia will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and early detection is the difference between life and death. The Maxwell Plus technology, created by Elliot, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tailor ad guide the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway.

Elliot, and his team at Maxwell Plus, are trying to ensure that every man is able to be diagnosed at that very early stage.

Dr Smith said, “Something that is becoming much more popular is the idea of active surveillance. Men that have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but are low risk, can opt to leave it alone, monitoring the cancer and analysis so that they can maintain their current quality of life.

“If you go for some of the more radical prostate cancer treatment options, such as surgery or radiation therapy, they can leave you wth some awful side effects, e.g. incontinence, impotence, for the rest of your life.

“If we have good analysis of data, regular testing, and top tier clinicians working with these patients, we can safely delay treatment until it’s the right time. This gives men the same quality of life that they’re used to, for many years to come.”

Globally today, 3,500 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, while 841 will die. Dr Elliot Smith is using AI to help solve the global issue; the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Elliot is able to use a number of AI algorithms to analyse medical data across medical imaging, blood data and in the future genomic data, to help clinical teams to better understand that data in the context of a patient. The algorithms look for factors in the images that might be indicative of cancer

Elliot’s ultimate goal and purpose of his company is to create better patient outcomes through the use of state of the art technology by clinical teams

Elliot encourages men to get on top of their health and join his Digital Clinic where they will;

  • Receive peace of mind with immediate access to an online assessment.
  • Have access to dedicated prostate cancer specialists
  • Receive personalised recommendations guided by AI

Elliot has a history of medical startups previously developing on a connected respiratory device to aid children with cystic fibrosis.

He also holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, simulating and designing hardware for MRI-Linac systems for real time adjusted radiation therapy.

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