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Business is changing rapidly – with Dell Experts, IT consultants can stay ahead of the curve

Developments in business technologies have advanced rapidly in the last decade, placing an increasing burden on IT consultants and their clients to become innovative and dynamic. Delivering the best solutions can be a complex task as technology eclipses learned knowledge. With the tailored training programs found in Dell Experts, IT consultants have instant access to a support network that can boost their skills and prepare their customers for the future of work.

Emerging technologies that are quickly becoming notable business tools include machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, each of which are revolutionising organisational processes in their own ways. These tools contribute effectively to new customer service models, data-driven business predictions, data storage solutions and overall cost savings. To better service their clients and engage these solutions, IT consultants must actively engage with these technologies.

According to LogicMonitor’s Cloud Vision 2020 survey, 83 per cent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, while Dell’s Realizing 2030 research states that 73 per cent of senior decision makers believe their business success is dependent on becoming more digital, highlighting the growing need for the digital transformation knowledge of IT consultants to remain competitive and market-focused.

Accessible, measurable data and advanced technologies are becoming integral to business success, and will require knowledgeable, guided integration from IT consultants to become effective. This process will also contribute to new infrastructure developments in businesses and future cost efficiencies.

The impact of digital transformation

Introducing emerging technologies enables small business to compete on a larger scale, positioning them on an equal plane with big business. To adapt to these changes, a dynamic system must be put in place – one that enables and eases the impact of digital transformation.

As an IT consultant, it is your role to manage these changes and prepare businesses for the future of work. As many business experience extreme resistance to change, it’s important to educate and lead by example – ensuring business leaders understand the benefits of digital transformation. Through Dell Experts, your knowledge will play an essential role for small business, particularly those with little experience in the tech space. As the sole point of contact between your client and the tech space, it’s important for you to develop your knowledge and remain at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Business change processes are often driven by the need to remain competitive in the current market and lower business costs, while maximising profits, service and value. Business owners will look to you for guidance and support, so up-to-date knowledge and informed training is a requirement of your work.

Improving business knowledge and infrastructure

One of your most important roles is to work with businesses to identify any inefficiencies that can be addressed by introducing new technologies or infrastructure. This is the first step in building an actionable plan for business transformation and planning strategy for technology integration.

As a strategic business advisor, it’s vital that IT consultants keep up with the rapidly evolving pace of technology development. True innovation takes place at the cutting edge of business practice, and successful guidance and implementation of these technologies will lead to a variety of personal and business benefits.

Knowledgeable IT consultants play an integral part in the success of small businesses, particularly those that rely on your technical skills. By contributing to improved infrastructure and efficiency across your client’s business, you can directly impact and guide the future of their work. This is why access to integrated and ongoing training is so critical to ensure your ability to provide the most appropriate technology recommendations.

Building a support network

With the rapidly changing nature of technology, the Dell Experts program, can quickly and easily educate you on the best solutions for your clients. This includes training on the latest developments in technologies such as machine learning, cloud computing and AI which are increasingly being integrated into business practices. Working to improve the service of your client’s business through technology can bring a whole range of cost saving benefits and newfound productivity.

The Dell Experts program also provides a supportive network for IT consultants that often work alone, providing insights into the wider tech market and advice when necessary. This helps to grow a network of peers that may contribute to developing your advanced tech literacy.

With effective training and support, independent IT consultants will continue to play an integral part in the transformation of small businesses. Understanding and implementing new technologies has the potential to transform these businesses and can provide actionable insights that will contribute actively to their success long into the future.


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