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At this time of year, it’s not so much a question people ask, rather, a clenched statement with a predetermined answer.

“Back at work(?)” they say, bug eyed, and waiting for you to say something negative. Words to the effect of “Wish I were still on the beach” coupled with a grimace or a strategic eye-roll tend to suffice.

It’s not a surprising exchange. Catching the train into the CBD on basically any morning of the year provides a front seat to the suffering of the 9-5ers.

It’s predictable, and it’s quite sad. But I don’t doubt this to be a genuine experience at all.

Unfortunately far too many people, employees and business owners alike, are doing work they dislike because….. why? The jobs market is tight. They have bills. They have kids. Ok, there are reasons, but no one’s fate is sealed.

If this can’t be the year of making big changes to your work life, whether that be starting a new business, or getting a new job – (why not, by the way?) – then at least put the wheels in motion. Enrol in that course, talk to your partner, start saving.

I know it’s worth it, because far from being miserable to return to work, I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it.

So welcome back for what will be a stellar year, and make this the year of being exactly where you want to be. And if that’s not yet possible, at least put yourself on the right path.

What do you think?

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Colin Porter

Colin Porter

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