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A new report has highlighted the growth in the Australian freelance market.

Amid the scaling back of permanent staff and headcount freezes, the 2013 Global Online Employment Report by Elance, highlighted significant growth in the use of freelancers by Australian businesses.

Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance, said 2013 saw a tangible shift in the way mid-size and smaller companies access labour. “Agile businesses of all sizes are realising the strategic benefits of hiring talent on-demand without the aid of a third party agency,” Rosati said.

“We’re seeing a real hiring revolution in Australia, as more Australian freelancers are being hired by Australian businesses. This is very positive news and shows that Australian freelancers are taking on the global competition and winning,” local country manager Kyri Theos, added.

The Elance report identified the top 10 in-demand freelance skills:

1. Graphic Design
2. PHP
4. Adobe Photoshop
5. Adobe Illustrator
6. WordPress
7. Content Writing
8. CSS
9. Article Writing
10. MySQL Administration

The findings follow the annual IPro Index, which tracks the attitudes of white-collar contractors (aka independent professionals or ‘IPros’).

Last year’s index, which was compiled by Monash University and sponsored by Entity Solutions, found that contractors deliver heightened productivity and loyalty. What’s more, it turned the myth that freelancers and contractors are less loyal than full-timers on its head.

Far from being a fickle, casual resource, IPros continue to act as a vital component of any business.

“The research clearly shows that IPros are immersed and happy in their work,” Entity Solutions CEO, Matthew Franceschini said. “Again we have found that this group is dedicated and very valuable to organisations looking for quality, professional staff resources.”

What’s more, contractors engage in this style of work not because they ‘can’t find’ a full-time role – but simply because they prefer this work style. Key lifestyle benefits cited include the variety of work, the sense of freedom and the perceived ability to earn more money.

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Stephanie Zillman

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