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4 career suggestions for animal lovers

Many people adore animals, but there are some individuals who wishto make a career out of spending time with their furry friends. If you are...

Buy, rent, maintain and repair: farm equipment essentials to save you money and time

To run a successful farm, you have to find ways to cut costs while still maintaining the quality of your equipment. This can be...

Maintenance musts: Keeping your hydraulic system up and running smoothly

If you don’t want any sort of equipment to break down and leave you high and dry at a critical moment, regular maintenance is...

The pros and cons of running a rental business

Thinking about starting up a rental business? Running a business that rents equipment rather than selling it has definite advantages. One of the more...

Indonesia’s investment climate heats up while Chinese profits cool growth

An increasingly favourable Indonesian investment climate offers growth opportunities for Australian exporters, according to new analysis from Efic.  Jokowi’s reform drive buoys Indonesia’s investment climate  Indonesia’s...

Is Australia going to ban livestock export?

Recently, animal rights activists in Australia have been campaigning against the Australian import of Livestock claiming that the industry is not legal and legitimate. They...

What to Do When a Workplace Accident Occurs

It’s easy to believe that workplace accidents happen to ‘other people’. The reality is that workplace accidents can, and do, affect a great range...

Five tips to get great truck finance for business

Some businesses rise and fall on the backs of trucks. Whether you’re shipping or receiving products of your own, on behalf of other businesses...

Push to help local food producers win more government tenders

Smaller Australian food producers would benefit if government institutions, including schools and hospitals, bought locally when sourcing their food instead of favouring international suppliers.

Green paper tax concessions to help farmers’ cashflow

The latest agricultural green paper aims to give a leg-up to struggling farmers by tweaking with a range of key tax concessions to help improve cashflow in periods of drought and economic turbulence.

Green paper canvasses court orders to break-up businesses

Pressure is mounting on the government to further tighten competition policy by allowing courts to order companies found to be in breach of consumer law to reduce their market share.

Reaping the fruits of their labour: success in the Hunter Valley

Sipping chardonnay and looking out across rows of perfectly manicured grape vines doesn’t quite compute with the day-to-day reality of running a vineyard. Not to mention an on-site winery, cellar door, and restaurant.

Value of a working dog quantified

A team from the University of Sydney veterinary school has managed to calculate the return on investment of working dogs on farms.

Voluntary supermarket code of conduct won’t work: Farmers

The agricultural industry and farmer groups don’t believe the proposed voluntary Food and Grocery Code of Conduct will be enough to protect their interests against the might of the supermarket duopoly.

ATO to target rorting wine producers

Wine producers will be instructed on tax compliance amid an ATO crackdown on rorters exploiting a tax loophole to claim rebates of up to...

Churning demand for locally made organic butter

A group of 23 organic dairy farmers in Victoria are having such great success with their locally made butter they have been able to double production in under a year since launching.

City to country disconnect, but times are a changin’

City folk are seen as total aliens to those in the country, and vice versa. But I suspect change is afoot, and it’s happening the only way we city-folk understand: it’s becoming cool.

Positive outlook for Tassie wine industry

The Australian wine industry has not been without difficulties in recent years. But Tasmania has increasingly been attracting investment from some of the sector’s major players.

Farming got oh-so-fashionable

There’s change afoot. No longer is farming and farm culture seen by city dwellers as the work of yokels; in fact, it has become the height of fashion.

Australia’s agricultural population ‘comparatively young’

A new study has confirmed the number of young farmers entering a life on the land is falling.