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Nick Gabrielidis is the general manager of Chandler Macleod Workforce for New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Since 2000, Nick has developed strong relationships with some of Australia’s most iconic brands, has delivered more than 400 traineeships, and oversees the weekly payrolling of over 1,500 temporary staff. His experience with large volume recruitment projects gives him a unique perspective in the areas of high volume rostering, workforce management, workforce safety, training and payroll services.

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SMEs must plan now to position for growth

Nick Gabrielidis blogs about using the new financial year to consider 2011-12 HR requirements.

“Finding and sourcing the best talent is causing a major constraint on the expansion plans of many organisations, and workforce planning has never been more important as a result.”

Could flexible staffing work for your growing business?

It’s common knowledge that the dual economy developing within pockets of the Australian employment sector is putting additional pressure on SMEs to compete for staff.

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