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Jeremy Nichols is the head of Chandler Macleod Consulting. Jeremy has over 18 years’ consulting experience in aligning people initiatives to business strategies. He has extensive connections to senior executives in many industries and provides specialist advice in the areas of strategy, culture, leadership and team development and assessment with clients. As Head of Consulting he oversees a team of expert consultants in providing Assessment and Development services. Prior to joining Chandler Macleod he was a partner in Mettle Group which was acquired in 2007. He was also Managing Partner Australia for The Empower Group and General Manager of Clark Hummerston.

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When corporate culture becomes an obstacle

Jeremy Nichols of Chandler Macleod Consulting blogs about corporate culture and how the ‘old’ ways of doing things can often stunt your business growth.

“There’s tension from staff as the attitudes and mindsets have not shifted to match this new growth. They long for the ‘old’ way of doing things. However, the ‘old’ way will never allow them to achieve their growth aspirations.”

Yay! You have seen it all