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Today, technology is a big part of our lives, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in almost every industry, including marketing.

AI marketing tools have completely changed how digital marketing works. They make it easier to connect with customers, provide personalised experiences, and get useful insights for businesses. This mix of AI and marketing helps businesses understand and engage with their target audience better than ever.

In this article, we’ll be introducing you to some of the most powerful AI-powered marketing tools that are changing the way marketing is done. Whether you’re a marketing expert, a new startup, or just curious, this overview of the best AI marketing tools will give you valuable insights into the future of digital marketing.

Outgrow: No-Code tools for qualified leads

Ai Tools - Outgrow

Outgrow is an innovative marketing tool powered by artificial intelligence to help marketers garner qualified leads seamlessly. It features a Quiz Maker and Calculator Builder, renowned for their superbly optimized templates, sophisticated integrations, superior branding opportunities, and exceptional support system. Outgrow is easy to use and versatile, hosting over 1000 pre-optimized templates to surge your conversion rates by over 40%. The tool also offers crucial analytics and data integration for a comprehensive understanding of your customer behavior. Customer testimonials highly praise its personalized support and seamless functionality. Moreover, Outgrow’s adjustable features help establish your unique brand essence effortlessly.

Outgrow Features

  • Acquires qualified leads
  • Integrations and branded content customization
  • Provides intelligent analytics
  • Advanced calculation features
  • High rated customer support

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Tripetto: Revolutionise your form building with intelligent features


Tripetto is a robust form-building tool that revolutionizes the production and utilization of customizable forms via its unique features. It merges the functionality of SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and Landbot, delivering an in-depth solution for creating and operating aesthetic and customizable forms. Its intuitive ‘magnetic storyboard’ allows you to construct complex forms, surveys, and flowcharts using simple, drag-and-drop interactions. With Tripetto, users can transform layouts effortlessly, automate notifications, track form activities, and ensure data storage compliance. Moreover, it offers easy integrations, ensuring the seamless operation of your workflows. This AI-powered tool is a game-changer in form-building and data management.

Tripetto Features

  • Builds customizable forms
  • Magnetic storyboard interface
  • Convertible form faces
  • Fast, no-code automations
  • Flexible data storage options

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GrowSurf: Supercharge your growth with automated referral programs


GrowSurf is an AI-powered tool designed to help businesses harness the power of referral marketing effortlessly. Ideal for B2C, SaaS, and FinTech companies, it allows teams to launch a customer referral program quickly and hassle-free. Growing businesses can utilize this automated referral program software to decrease customer acquisition costs and boost brand loyalty. At its core, GrowSurf focuses on efficiency, with features such as personalized link generation and automated reward fulfillment, all while integrating seamlessly with existing CRM systems, email marketing tools and more. Explore GlowSurf today and unlock the potential of word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

GrowSurf Features

  • Launches customer referral programs
  • Rapid setup and integration
  • Generates personalized referral links
  • Provides automated reward fulfillment
  • Connects with CRM and marketing tools

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Podia: All-in-one platform for your marketing success


Podia is an all-in-one AI-powered tool providing robust solutions for businesses. Its versatile platform offers easy website building, advanced email marketing, and seamless selling of digital products such as ebooks, webinars, and courses. With Podia, even those without coding or design skills can effortlessly create a professional-looking website in just 10 minutes. Its efficient email marketing system allows for beautiful email templates and data-driven segmentation. Beyond just a sales platform, Podia fosters community-building with its ability to create paid or free communities and memberships. Experience this comprehensive business tool that simplifies online operations and drives success.

Podia Features

  • Website building features
  • Email marketing capabilities
  • Digital product selling options
  • Community-building features
  • Membership plan tiers-setup

More details and pricing →

PhantomBuster: Automate lead generation and accelerate your business


PhantomBuster is an AI-powered lead generation tool designed to automate and streamline your data collection and outreach processes. By harnessing the power of over 100 readymade automations and prebuilt workflows, this tool seamlessly integrates with popular platforms to generate high-quality leads in minutes. Its standout feature is the AI-powered extraction of lead lists from any website. PhantomBuster fills gaps in your database with accurate contact information, simplifies personalized outreach campaigns, and even offers an inbuilt feature to monitor the success of these strategies. Trusted by over 100,000 businesses, PhantomBuster revolutionizes the lead generation process.

PhantomBuster Features

  • Automates data collection
  • Extracts leads from websites
  • Provides lead enrichment capabilities
  • Automates outreach campaigns
  • Monitors campaign success

More details and pricing →

Landbot: Revolutionize your business with AI-powered chatbots

Ai Tools - landbot

Experience the future of marketing, sales and customer service with Landbot, an innovative AI Chatbot Generator. Designed to streamline conversations across the customer journey, Landbot facilitates automated, human-like engagements that not only drive revenue but also cut operating costs. With the ability to generate three times more leads and increase meeting show rates exponentially, it offers unbeatable efficiency. Providing 24/7 customer assistance, Landbot enhances customer experiences by offering personalized communication across multiple channels. Additionally, its seamless integration capabilities, easy-to-use interface and bot-to-human handoff feature ensure you delight customers at every interaction. Discover the vast potential of Landbot with its educational resources.

Landbot Features

  • Generates 3 times more leads
  • Increases meetings and show rates
  • Provides 24/7 customer assistance
  • Enables personalized, omnichannel experiences
  • Offers bot-to-human handoff capability

More details and pricing →

Boost.ai: Transform customer service with conversational AI

Ai Tools - BoostAi

Boost.ai is a leading AI conversational tool specially tailored to enhance and automate customer experiences in enterprise businesses. The platform uses self-learning AI to offer 24/7 automated customer support, dramatically improving response times and customer satisfaction. Besides facilitating effortless conversation flow creation, Boost.ai also connects to existing self-service solutions to optimize customer interactions. With an omnichannel approach, it guarantees support access across multiple platforms. Utilizing advanced NLU and NLP, Boost.ai consistently provides solutions on thousands of topics, maintaining a resolution rate exceeding 90%. Its easy-to-use training editor, coupled with LLM integration, makes Boost.ai a potent tool for supercharging customer service agents.

Boost.ai Features

  • 24/7 automated customer support
  • No-code conversation builder
  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Scalable Natural Language Understanding
  • Next-level conversational AI

More details and pricing →

RAD AI: Revolutionize influencer marketing with creative intelligence

Ai Tools - RADai

Introducing RAD AI – a business tool designed to revolutionize influencer marketing. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, RAD AI facilitates data-driven decisions, providing content strategy, and managing high-performing influencer campaigns. It replaces traditional guesswork with dynamic, data-backed insights, using over 600 API-based data connections. The platform delivers an optimal influencer, persona, and creative strategy tailored to each brand’s campaign. With an emphasis on transparency and scalability, RAD AI considers historical social engagements to craft strategies at every stage of a campaign. Their white-glove service guarantees a seamless, personalized experience. Discover the future of influencer marketing with RAD AI.

RAD AI Features

  • Data-Driven Creative Decisions
  • Influencer Campaign Performance Tracking
  • Optimal Influencer Identification
  • Sustained Scale and Performance
  • Influencer Marketing Activation

More details and pricing →

DigitalGenius: Revolutionize CX with AI automation

Ai Tools - DigitalGenius

DigitalGenius is a leading AI-powered marketing tool constructed specifically for retail and ecommerce businesses. With a focus on delivering superior customer experience, the tool employs artificial intelligence to streamline customer service, offering practical solutions to complex issues. From over 60 predefined use cases to full customization and cross-channel interaction capabilities, DigitalGenius is continually evolving. Its key offerings also include seamless integrations, robust analytics, and AI image and text recognition for enhanced customer understanding. Backed by expert implementation and support, this platform empowers businesses to offer outstanding, personalized customer experiences, driven by data and innovative AI technology.

DigitalGenius Features

  • Delivers seamless customer experience
  • Offers ecommerce tailored use-cases
  • Provides analytics and reporting
  • Facilitates multi-lingual/cross-channel interactions
  • Utilizes generative AI technology

More details and pricing →

Conversica: Unleashing the power of conversational AI for revenue teams

Ai Tools - Conversica

Conversica, a revolutionary AI marketing tool that redefines lead engagement using Conversational AI. With their Revenue Digital Assistants, Conversica offers a unique way to interact with leads, nurturing and qualifying them for potential opportunities. Powered by Generative AI, these digital assistants facilitate engaging, human-like conversations, significantly reducing manual tasks. The platform delivers results from day one and integrates seamlessly with existing tech stacks. It’s a highly versatile tool catered to every department within an organization, from marketing to sales to customer success. Transform your lead engagement process with Conversica, the preferred choice for Conversation Automation.

Conversica Features

  • Optimizes outreach efforts
  • Engages and qualifies leads
  • Delivers human-like conversations
  • Multi-channel, multilingual integrations
  • Enables department-specific functions

More details and pricing →

AdCreative: Master the art of advertising with artificial intelligence

Ai Tools - AdCreative

AdCreative.ai is a revolutionary AI-powered marketing tool designed to optimize ad creatives for greater conversion rates. It fills a significant gap in digital marketing, offering data-backed, result-oriented ad creatives. The tool’s efficiency is demonstrated by its users reporting a 14x increase in conversion rates and improvements in click-through rates within a month. AdCreative.ai swiftly generates tailored ad creatives to target specific audiences across unique advertising platforms. Its machine learning model utilizes a treasure trove of high-conversion-rate ad creatives, anticipating conversion rates, and ranking the generated creatives. Tune in to AdCreative.ai for intelligent creative advertisement solutions.

AdCreative Features

  • Generates optimized ad creatives
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Improves click-through rates
  • Tailors creatives to target audience
  • Utilizes data-driven creative rankings

More details and pricing →

Reply: Unlock sales opportunities and scale your business automatically

Ai Tools - Reply

Reply is an AI-driven sales engagement platform that takes marketing, sales, and customer interactions to a whole new level. Reply ensures your communication scales effectively, initiates valuable conversations with target audiences, and even schedules meetings. Its smart automation combines email and social engagement, while AI suggestions save you time, crafting impactful messages. Reply’s categorization feature boosts your prospect identification, allowing you the leverage to reach the right people. What’s more, it takes care of your entire engagement cycle and even provides an interactive demo. Reply is not just a tool, it’s your comprehensive solution for advanced and efficient sales engagements.

Reply Features

  • Email and social automation.
  • AI-assisted email composition.
  • Basic customer response handling.
  • B2B contact and company database.
  • Meeting booking assistance.

More details and pricing →

Optimove: Unlock customer loyalty and drive business growth

Ai Tools - Optimove

Optimove is an AI-powered marketing tool that guarantees exceptional results. Rated #1 by Gartner, Optimove leverages customer data to optimize engagement and foster loyalty. Witness a significant increase in your ROI, which on average, sees a staggering 578% rise, while simultaneously improving campaign efficiency by 88%. Backed by Forrester Research, Optimove helps businesses transition seamlessly from a product-led approach to a customer-centric strategy. If you want to maximize customer lifetime value and drive business performance, Optimove is the tool to invest in.

Optimove Features

  • Customer-led marketing platform
  • Multichannel Marketing Journey Orchestration
  • Data-centric marketing programs
  • Increased return on investment
  • Improved campaign efficiency

More details and pricing →

Recotap: Accelerate sales and revenue with AI-powered account-based marketing

Ai Tools - Recotap

Recotap is an AI-powered Account-Based Marketing tool designed to streamline your sales cycle and reduce customer acquisition costs. Recotap offers a complete ABM solution, helping businesses identify, target, and engage their prospective accounts confidently. From unearthing relevant target accounts to delivering personalized messages via multi-channel advertising, Recotap works to nurture the best-fit leads. It also empowers your sales team with actionable insights and personalized talking points for an efficient sales process. Seamlessly integrating with your existing tech stack, Recotap fuses marketing and sales efforts. Plus, it offers expert guidance for comprehensive ABM program development, prioritizing your business success.

Recotap Features

  • Identifies and Targets Accounts
  • Personalized Multi-Channel Advertising
  • Engages through Website Experiences
  • Empowers Sales with Account Intelligence
  • Seamless Integration with Tech Stacks

More details and pricing →

Tomi.ai: Boost your business growth with AI-powered customer targeting

Ai Tools - Tomi

Tomi.ai is an innovative AI-powered marketing tool designed to maximize profits for e-commerce and lead-gen businesses. By analyzing user behavior in real-time on both websites and mobile apps, Tomi.ai offers accurate insights beyond your traditional analytics platforms. Thanks to its advanced machine learning model, Tomi.ai identifies high-value visitors and predicts their propensity to buy, enabling you to target your audience with precision. Whether it’s optimizing your ad campaigns, predicting customer lifetime value, or providing actionable insights based on first-party data, Tomi.ai stands as a comprehensive solution for scaling and optimizing your marketing efforts, ensuring you reach your growth objectives through data-driven decisions.

TomiAi Features

  • Identifies behavioral patterns
  • Predicts propensity to buy
  • Targets audience effectively
  • Improves marketing funnel
  • Provides real-time insights

More details and pricing →

Freddy AI: Supercharge your sales with intelligent CRM assistance


Freddy AI for Sales is your go-to AI assistant designed to supercharge your CRM and boost sales performance. Freddy specializes in analyzing data points and user behavior to identify potential customers, increasing conversion rates, and revenue. Say goodbye to duplicate contacts with Freddy’s streamline operations, and craft compelling, personalized emails for successful campaigns. Freddy’s unique insights provide deal-specific advice, helping you prioritize opportunities for a higher win rate. From understanding and leveraging historical data to making real-time recommendations, Freddy serves as a reliable advisor to optimize your sales process. Transform your sales and enhance efficiency with Freddy.

FreddyAi Features

  • Identifies potential customers efficiently
  • Resolves duplicate contacts in CRM
  • Assists in creating personalized sales emails
  • Provides deal-specific insights and recommendations
  • Optimizes sales process and outcomes

More details and pricing →

Seamless.AI: The ultimate sales tool for finding leads


Seamless.AI is the ultimate AI-powered solution for sales professionals. This innovative tool offers verified real-time B2B sales leads, placing more than 500,000 companies worldwide on the fast track to success. It drastically simplifies sales prospecting, allowing you to focus on sealing deals rather than building lead lists. The unique feature, ‘Writer’, helps you craft compelling sales and marketing messages, overcoming copywriting challenges. Plus, it easily integrates with leading CRM and engagement platforms, enhancing productivity. Whether it is delivering the perfect pitch or staying updated on buyer intent data, Seamless.AI is your trusted partner in powering sales growth.

SeamlessAi Features

  • Provides Verified Contact Information
  • Sales Prospecting Solution
  • Copywriting Tool (Writer)
  • Seamless Integration with Platforms
  • Chrome Extension for Data Collection

More details and pricing →

ContactOut: Supercharge your prospecting with AI and email campaigns


ContactOut is an AI-powered marketing tool offering unparalleled access to a database of 300 million professionals and 30 million companies. Experience the ease of finding emails and phone numbers beyond LinkedIn using the ContactOut Search Portal. Enhance your outreach with the ContactOut Chrome Extension, enabling one-click addition of prospects to email campaigns. Harness the power of AI with features like AI Personalizer and AI Writer, inspiring personalized communication and rapid responses. Streamline your marketing campaigns and prospect search process further with precise data attributes. Redefine efficiency in finding the right prospects for your business.

ContactOut Features

  • Access to professional contact details
  • LinkedIn prospecting with Chrome Extension
  • Generates personalized emails (AI Personalizer)
  • AI-composed message replies (AI Writer)
  • Multi-stage email campaign automation

More details and pricing →

Clearbit: Unlocking the power of B2B sales prospecting


Clearbit is an AI-powered marketing tool offering B2B teams a transformative edge in sales prospecting. The tool’s Target Market Builder gives you access to every B2B company online, ensuring that no potential buyer escapes your radar. It also enables the conversion of intent into a sales pipeline by revealing the identities of anonymous website visitors. With over 30 million verified contacts in its B2B database, Clearbit allows businesses to engage with the ideal decision-makers. From arming you with a holistic view of your B2B target market to promoting quick action, Clearbit is your ultimate solution for optimizing sales efforts and scaling conversion rates.

Clearbit Features

  • Target Market Identification
  • Intent Conversion
  • Access to B2B Database
  • Identifying High-Quality Prospects
  • Quick Action on Identified Intent

More details and pricing →

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