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PhantomBuster: Automate lead generation and accelerate your business

PhantomBuster is one of the best Ai marketing tools that allows users to automate their data collection and outreach efforts. With over 100 ready-made automations and prebuilt workflows, PhantomBuster simplifies the lead generation process by integrating with popular tools and platforms. The tool offers code-free and automatic solutions, enabling users to generate high-quality leads within minutes. By organizing leads in one place and utilizing AI technology, PhantomBuster saves users hours of repetitive tasks. Trusted by over 100,000 businesses, the tool enables personalized outreach campaigns and provides contact data, including emails, which can be seamlessly imported into any CRM system.

One of the key features of PhantomBuster is its ability to extract lists of leads from any website. Users can rely on the tool’s Phantoms to generate a large number of leads directly from the sources they find, which can then be exported into a simple spreadsheet. This allows users to constantly gather their ideal targets, driving revenue and growth goals on autopilot.

PhantomBuster also offers lead enrichment capabilities, allowing users to fill gaps in their database with contact information. By fully enriching the extracted leads, including phone numbers and verified email addresses, users can build an accurate picture of their targets and rely on reliable and up-to-date information.

Additionally, PhantomBuster enables users to automate their outreach campaigns at scale. They can build highly personalized campaigns to warm up their leads on social media platforms and promote their businesses effectively. With the ability to monitor the success of these campaigns over time, users can make smarter decisions and stay ahead of the game.

PhantomBuster – Features

  • Extract lists of leads
  • Source qualified leads from any corner of the web
  • Enrich leads with data & emails
  • Fill gaps in your database with contact enrichment
  • Send outreach campaigns
  • Automate outreach campaigns at scale
  • Build highly personalized outreach campaigns
  • Monitor success over time to make smarter moves

PhantomBuster – Pricing

PhantomBuster offers three pricing plans: Trial (free for 14 days), Starter ($56/month paid annually), Pro ($128/month paid annually), and Team ($352/month paid annually).

Each plan includes different features such as execution time, AI credits, slots for Phantoms, community access, priority support, and bonus email credits.

Visit phantombuster.com for more.

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