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Tomi.ai: Boost your business growth with AI-powered customer targeting

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Tomi.ai is an AI-based business tool that helps high-ticket e-commerce and leadgen/long-cycle businesses increase their customer base and lower their cost of acquiring customers. By analyzing user behavior on both websites and mobile apps, Tomi.ai goes beyond superficial data from platforms like Google or Adobe Analytics. Instead, it matches website visits with sales or funnel steps data from your CRM to provide more accurate information.

One of the main features of Tomi.ai is its machine learning model, which identifies behavioral patterns of high-value visitors. This allows the tool to predict a specific propensity to buy and 30-90 day lifetime value (LTV) for all website visitors and leads, even for anonymous ones. These predictions are made in near real-time, enabling businesses to optimize their marketing strategies on the go.

Tomi.ai focuses on four pillars of digital marketing: targeting, optimization, measurement, and insights. With its AI capabilities, Tomi.ai helps businesses target their audience more effectively, ensuring that their marketing efforts reach the right people. Through continuous analysis and optimization, the tool helps businesses improve their marketing funnel and increase their conversion rates. Tomi.ai also provides detailed measurement data, allowing businesses to track their marketing efforts and assess their performance accurately. Finally, by analyzing user behavior and providing real-time insights, Tomi.ai helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers and make informed marketing decisions.

Overall, Tomi.ai offers businesses a comprehensive solution for scaling and optimizing their marketing funnel. By leveraging AI technology, the tool provides valuable insights and predictions that can guide businesses in attracting high-value customers and maximizing their return on investment. Whether it’s analyzing user behavior, predicting customer behavior and LTV, or providing actionable insights, Tomi.ai empowers businesses to make data-driven marketing decisions and achieve their growth objectives.

Tomi.ai – Features

  • Create value-based audiences and upload them to advertising platforms via Marketing API
  • Targeting features for predictive marketing and value-based retargeting
  • New audiences for targeting through value-based seed audiences for look-alikes
  • Bid modifiers for Search Ads to optimize ad campaigns
  • Predictive lead scoring for accurate ad campaign optimization and forward-looking attribution
  • Access to first-party data including behavioral data and CRM data
  • Real-time predictive engine to calculate probability to buy and expected LTV for every website visitor
  • Positive reinforcement loop for predictive conversions, audiences, lead scores, and attribution

Tomi.ai – Pricing

Starter plan starts at $3500/mo. It includes website visitor scoring, predictive conversions, retargeting, and conversion rate optimization.
Professional plan starts at $6000/mo. It includes everything in Starter plan and also inbound leads scoring, advanced analytics, and A/B testing.
Enterprise plan includes everything in Professional plan and also custom ML models, segmentation, analytics, and integrations.

Visit tomi.ai for more.

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