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ContactOut: Supercharge your prospecting with AI and email campaigns

ContactOut is a powerful business tool that aims to enhance prospecting and outreach efforts by providing access to a vast database of professionals and their contact details. With ContactOut, users can find emails and phone numbers for over 300 million professionals from 30 million companies.

One of the key features of ContactOut is its Search Portal, which allows users to explore countless prospects beyond the limitations of LinkedIn. By gaining instant access to a wide range of professionals, users can accelerate their prospecting efforts and find the right contact details for their target audience.

The ContactOut Chrome Extension is designed to supercharge prospecting on LinkedIn. It enables users to obtain email and phone numbers for 75% of the people on LinkedIn, significantly expanding their outreach possibilities. Users can easily add prospects to an email campaign with just one click, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.

ContactOut also leverages AI technology to enhance customization and efficiency in communication. Its AI Personalizer feature allows users to generate hyper-personalized emails with the click of a button, resulting in a response rate that is four times higher than traditional approaches. This feature eliminates the need for manual research, saving users hours of time and effort.

The AI Writer feature provides users with instant replies by using artificial intelligence. Users simply need to provide a few words of instruction, and the AI Writer will compose suitable replies, eliminating the need to write messages from scratch. By using AI technology, users can save hours of time and focus on more crucial tasks.

Email Campaigns are another feature offered by ContactOut, enabling users to automate and accelerate their outreach efforts. Users can run multi-stage email campaigns, import prospects with a single click, personalize emails at scale, measure performance, and ultimately achieve their goals more effectively.

Furthermore, ContactOut provides a range of data attributes for users to find the right prospects with precision. Users can search across more than 20 data points, including job titles, companies, revenue, skills, locations, company size, departments, and technologies used. This comprehensive search capability allows users to streamline their search process and identify the most relevant prospects quickly.

ContactOut – Features

  • Search Portal: Instant access to 300M professionals and 30M companies with contact details
  • Chrome Extension: Get email and phone numbers for 75% of people on LinkedIn, add prospects to email campaigns
  • AI Personalizer: Generate hyper-personalized emails with AI, increase response rate by 4x
  • AI Writer: AI-composed replies, saving time and eliminating the need to write messages
  • Email Campaigns: Automate and accelerate outreach, run multi-stage campaigns, measure performance
  • Data Attributes: Search using 20+ data points for precise prospect targeting
  • LinkedIn Integration: Seamlessly integrate with LinkedIn for faster and more efficient prospecting
  • Synchronization: Synchronize data across multiple platforms and devices for easy access and management.

ContactOut – Pricing

ContactOut offers four pricing plans: Free with limited features, Sales for $79/month or $948 annually with additional features, Recruiter with custom pricing and additional features, and Team with volume discount and team collaboration.

Visit contactout.com for more.

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