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Clearbit: Unlocking the power of B2B sales prospecting

Clearbit is a powerful business tool that aims to assist B2B teams in their sales prospecting efforts. It offers a range of features designed to help businesses identify target accounts, reveal buying intent, and connect with decision makers.

One of the main features of Clearbit is its Target Market builder, which provides access to every B2B company on the internet. This goes beyond simple target account lists and allows users to build a comprehensive audience of every company that could potentially purchase their product. By understanding the true B2B target market, businesses can better tailor their sales and marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Clearbit also helps businesses convert intent into pipeline by revealing the identities of anonymous website visitors and deciphering their intent. By understanding the intentions of high-fit companies visiting their website, businesses can quickly take action to turn that intent into a pipeline of potential sales opportunities.

In addition, Clearbit provides users with access to a vast B2B contact database, which contains more than 30 million verified contacts. This database is touted as the world’s best and allows businesses to connect with the right decision makers. With such a comprehensive database at their disposal, users can easily reach out to their ideal customers and increase their chances of closing deals.

To get started with Clearbit, the tool offers users 500 free prospecting credits. This allows businesses to explore the features and capabilities of Clearbit without any upfront cost. With these prospecting credits, users can begin identifying target accounts, revealing intent, and connecting with decision makers right away.

Clearbit is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, from next-gen startups to established enterprises. It provides the resources and insights needed to drive effective B2B sales prospecting efforts and ultimately achieve greater success in the market. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Clearbit is a reliable solution for businesses looking to reach their target audience, convert intent into pipeline, and connect with the right decision makers.

Clearbit – Features

  • Target Market Builder: Access every B2B company on the internet to build a comprehensive audience of potential customers.
  • Intent Conversion: Identify anonymous website visitors and turn their intent into a sales pipeline.
  • B2B Contact Database: Access the world’s best B2B contact database with over 30 million verified contacts.
  • High-Quality Prospects: Identify high-fit leads and connect with the right decision makers.
  • Comprehensive Audience: Go beyond simple target account lists and build a comprehensive audience of potential buyers.
  • Understand B2B Market: Gain a deep understanding of your true B2B target market.
  • Quick Action: Act quickly on identified intent and convert it into a sales pipeline.

Clearbit – Pricing

Clearbit offers two pricing plans: Free Plan (25 credits/month) and Growth Plan ($50 to $1000/month) with credit tiers ranging from 125 to 5,000 credits. Both plans provide lead discovery, visitor identification, and prospect list building.

Visit clearbit.com for more.

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