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The top workplace articles of 2019

Dynamic Business has always been about the workplace, and in 2019 we covered a range of topics such as employee satisfaction and engagement, work-life balance, hiring and firing, attracting and growing talent, workplace trends and worker rights.

Each year, we talk to experts from diverse backgrounds who provide us with the best information, tips and advice on how to drive productivity and profit in small businesses and startups.

We are certain that our insider information, provided by only the best business leaders and entrepreneurs, can answer your work-related questions and concerns. At the very least, we hope that our articles will give you fresh new perspectives on how to cultivate a positive company culture that can drive your business to success.

Here are our top workplace articles of 2019, and stay tuned for many more to come in 2020!

Let’s talk: Culture

What better way to get started on the topic of workplace culture than by reading one of our in-depth let’s talks? In this article, we look at what growth in business means for employers and employees, and how businesses can remain positive and engaging during times of turbulent change. Our experts answer the following question: “How can we maintain great work culture in a period of business growth?”

Here is a sneak peak of what one of our experts, David Pinch, has to say on the topic:

“Maintaining a great work culture through change entails providing opportunities to create meaningful personal connections among staff, building trustful relationships between employees and leaders, and fostering alignment with the expanding brand and growth strategy. By offering adequate support to staff during this transition, organisations can sustain their people’s positive relationships, the cornerstone of great work culture.”

Click here to get more insights into workplace culture.

The key trends for the future that are shaping the workplace today

From 5G to mindfulness, Damien Sheehan reveals key trends and technologies that are disrupting and changing the workforce. Workers around the world are demanding flexibility in the workplace, and looking for new ways to combat burnout, increase productivity and improve work-life balance:

“Businesses must be alive to these changes and think about how they can exploit them to gain competitive advantage and attract the top talent. Those that don’t may not be around to see next year’s trends.”

Read all about which workplace trends to look out for in 2020 here.

What Gen Z and other workers want from the work environment

Based on a global survey conducted across many countries, including Australia, this article provides a glimpse into how different generations value workplace environments, what drives productivity and how workers handle distraction.

Did you know that workplace distractions affect 99% of local employees?

Although the annoyance of colleagues eating or talking loudly may not seem like a big deal, there is increasing pressure on employers to make the workplace a productive and disruption-free space through open communication and collaboration technology.

Insights from Future Workplace reveal the current state of the multi-generational workplace, and tell us how businesses can move forward in terms of productivity and engagement:

“We now have four generations working under one roof, which forces companies to reconsider traditional definitions of what makes a productive office environment and how their employees can best collaborate with each other.”

To find out the what employees want – and expect – in the modern workplace, click here.

Are co-working spaces the future of Aussie workplaces?

On the topic of workplace trends, co-working culture is on the rise – in Australia alone, the number of co-working spaces grew by a staggering 297% between 2013 and 2017.

We discuss the many benefits to using co-working spaces, including opportunities to network and collaborate with new local businesses and contacts. After all, you never know what hidden talent may be munching away at that muesli bar right next to your desk!

Read on to find out the pros (and cons) of co-working spaces, as well as tips on how to make the most out of collaborative workplaces.

Surviving workplace bullying: 5 steps to success

In this article, Jessica tells us all about her journey from workplace bullying victim to anti-bullying guru. The trauma she experienced for years at her workplace gave Jessica the opportunity to delve into the psychology of bullying, and to develop her own strategies for self-protection against intimidation and harassment at work. In this article, she gives us her top tips for kicking bullying to the kerb, and calls on workplace leaders and bystanders to rally for a cause that is too often ignored:

“It’s what these people do – or don’t do – that determines whether bullying will flourish in a work environment or be stopped in its tracks. It’s that simple – someone has to step in and take a stand.”

To benefit from Jessica’s advice against workplace bullying, keep reading.

Three steps to closing the gender pay gap

In 2019, we heard the rather disappointing news that the gender pay gap only narrowed by 0.5 percent and that, on average, men still took home over $25,000 a year more than women.

Rosie Cairnes discusses what needs to be done to create a fairer workplace, and considers the numerous benefits of having a diverse workforce and promoting women in leadership. Whether it’s holding yourself accountable as a leader, eliminating gendered bias, providing training to staff, or overhauling succession planning and hiring practices, closing the gender pay gap shouldn’t be difficult – and business owners have no excuse in turning a blind eye to it.

“Overall, closing the gender pay gap requires a long-term strategy, but there are a number of changes that can be made today. Although immediate rectifications should be made to narrow the gap, the true change will come by assessing and overhauling internal biases towards women. With employees’ patience running out, now is the perfect time to start assessing your organisation’s outlook on equal pay.”

Click here to see how you and your business can contribute to getting rid of that pesky gender gap in the workplace, once and for all!

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