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5 services your business should be outsourcing

Outsourcing is often considered to be a dirty word but it’s a legitimate way of reducing business costs.

Here’s a list of five services you should think about outsourcing:

1. Graphic design

Running low on business cards? Need a new brochure design? The most cost-effective way to save on graphic design projects is to outsource them to freelancers. Freelance graphic designers will cut costs because they don’t have the overheads of being attached to an agency.

Word of mouth is a key marketing tool for freelance designers so they will almost always go above and beyond to deliver a quality product in the hope that it will offer them positive referrals. Another perk of using a freelancer is that you can guarantee that they are the one doing the work – in larger agencies, those managing your account are rarely responsible for actually completing the brief.

2. Accounting

Outsourcing accounting saves you the cost of having an in-house accountant, the time of having to coordinate your own bookkeeping and the peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about any penalties for incorrect completion of accounting documents. The average quote for a professional small business accountant on Service Seeking is between $35 and $90 per hour depending on the complexity of the advice required.  However, bookkeepers on our site charge as little as $30 per hour for small businesses.

3. Events

Whether it is a staff party, fundraiser or annual function, coordinating events can be stressful and time-consuming for any business. Organising the venue, food, music, security, theme, alcohol, car hire and invitations can be a headache so if you believe that time is money – outsourcing event planning is the way to go. Event planners have trustworthy connections and contacts to deal with all aspects of the occasion so you won’t have to waste your time tracking down those invitations or worrying if the cake will turn up on time!

4. Photography

In the age of citizen photography where every man and his dog has an SLR, the line between professional and unskilled camerawork has become increasingly blurred. However, fancy cameras will never completely undermine the importance and value of a professional photographer. The costs involved in setting up an in-house photography process (trained employee inclusive) are huge comparative to the cost of outsourcing photography projects when needed.

Professional photographers have the equipment and know-how to make the most of their subjects whether it be for headshots or press shots and in an age where visual advertising and online marketing. We all know a picture says a thousand words and most businesses can’t afford that picture to say unprofessional or sloppy!

5. Handiwork

When it comes to odd jobs, anything you can do a handyman can do better. A business might employ them for an installation, chances are they will end up fixing a leaky tap and changing a couple of smoke detector batteries before they leave.

If you have a task that needs doing it is likely there are pictures that need to be hung and gutters that need to be cleaned so it is worth getting a handyman in every couple of months to deal with all those niggling jobs. Like other freelancers, it is in their best interest to do a good job because positive feedback generates more job leads.

When you’re outsourcing any project always remember to make an educated choice about your freelancer – check their qualifications, ask for references and if the role is creative browse their portfolio so you can get an idea of their ability and style.

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Gina Rushton

Gina Rushton

Gina is a communications student at UTS and enjoys writing about social media development, women’s issues and literature. She is the Media Assistant at <a href="http://ServiceSeeking.com.au">ServiceSeeking.com.au</a>, a site where customers can compare quotes and prices for household and trade services.  

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