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Tammy Louise created Mumma Life is Now and Kick Fear in the Butt.

Why I left my corporate leadership role to dedicate my life to helping mums live their best life

Everyone has moments in their life when the proverbial fork in the road appears, and decisions need to be made. 

For me, number one happened when I became a mum, a big moment that I thought might never happen. I had spent so much energy on my career and climbing the corporate ladder that the years had flown by, my marriage faltered and then failed. When I met my current partner and became pregnant, although it was a dream come true, I was at the ‘mature’ age of 37 and the pregnancy came with some challenges. 

When my beautiful daughter was born, I was overjoyed, but I was soon diagnosed with perinatal depression and anxiety (PNDA). I was told it likely developed from work/stress induced anxiety. It didn’t help that much of my maternity leave occurred during the pandemic.  

My number two moment was more cataclysmic, when I returned to work and within two hours, and during an online meeting, I realised my body couldn’t handle it. What ensued was disappointing and the entire experience both professionally and personally forced me to make a choice when I left the organisation four months later. 

So, having walked through the MOST challenging times of my life, I decided to use my experiences positively for myself, and as a way of helping others experiencing similar issues.

I began to lean into my Science Degree (majoring in Food and Nutrition), and researched ways to help ease stress, anxiety and fear. And after much healing, rebuilding my confidence and some self-development, I became a certified Life Coach in 2021. 

I created ‘Mumma Life is Now’ and formulated ‘Kick Fear in the Butt’ to build a community, change the narratives, and encourage positive change around inclusion, equality and kindness. My mission, through continued learning, is to help working mothers and parents find their voice and worth, and live a life of abundance, free from stigma and discrimination, and raise strong, yet sensitive children. 

Through my lived experiences and speaking my truth, I discovered a true connection with people to advocate for mental health. By creating a community, we can support each other through the shared experiences of mental and emotional challenges. I’ve also become an ambassador for the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Association (ANZMHA) and a ‘Gidget Angel’ for the Gidget Foundation, to spread awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health, including PNDA. 

‘Mumma Life is NOW’ and ‘The PNDA Warrior Tribe’ are community platforms to provide peer support, reduce isolation, and share stories and knowledge. I wanted to create a forum for honest and solution focussed conversations, and to sponsor community-led projects that align with the values of equality, inclusion and kindness. 

Proudly, the 2022 ‘Kick Fear in the Butt’ campaign is an Australian-first, national, multi-charity fundraiser that encourages mothers and families to face their fears of stepping out of their comfort zones, and support one of the five incredible charities that align with our mission.

We work with Bears of Hope, Gidget Foundation, Friend in Me, Friends with Dignity and R U OK?, to raise awareness and support those in need in the community and workplaces through fundraising and impactful merchandising. 

I am now extending my focus into the corporate space, where there is a need to promote the importance of parental leave processes to align with individual needs, much like returning to work post injury. Support for mums and dads that experience mental health issues shouldn’t stop at the office door. I believe the commitment we make to our employers and the businesses we champion have an obligation to return that commitment in kind. 

Confidence in professional abilities and returning to work is a critical factor for many on parental leave, and there is a clear benefit for everyone when employers and businesses are involved in supporting and empowering employees experiencing the challenges of new parenthood. 

I am committed to action, and so is my tribe. I’ve found my mission. Through my public speaking engagements, fundraising, and the business, I can amplify the message to change the narrative around PNDA, workplace discrimination and other stigmas to drive positive change. 

I wake up every day knowing that I’m doing something that’s aligned with my values. It’s a journey, and it’s not over yet.

International Women’s Day is an important part of changing the conversation and narrative to a more positive experience for women, in life and in business.  

What do you think?

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Tammy Louise

Tammy Louise

Tammy Louise created Mumma Life is Now and Kick Fear in the Butt, as a result of her own personal experience, which was becoming a mum during the pandemic, and attempting to return to her corporate leader role, and identifying the lack of support services for many of the challenges she experienced. Tammy created these platforms and communities to change the narrative of stigma, and foster conversations in a fun, yet effective way through events and a supportive and tribal mentality. KFITB also aims to inspire workplaces to implement support policies, and promote confidence, inclusivity and self worth.

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