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Warehousing wisdoms: strengthening the link between your supply chain and your CEO

As a CEO, you’ll have to know a lot about the critical nature in supply chain management and how it affects the bottom line of a company. There are a lot of ways to make it better and increase the connection between CEO duties and supply chain management. Many companies over the past decades have found that they need to put an increased focus in their supply chain.

Varying Marketplace Importance

Across all different sectors from automotive and computer to retail industries understand that the supply chain is a fundamental link to getting products to customers efficiently. The supply chain is either going to do well for the customer or leave them disappointed. It is good to think about the entire process as including, planning, information proliferation, sharing and distribution on top of logistics.

Top companies have made multiple investments to become more adept in terms of supply-chain management and increased capabilities. A prime example would be to take a look at Amazon and what they’ve done in the retail market. They’ve exceeded what their customers would expect in terms of normal service and done an even better job. Their supply-chain lead has put them at an edge over their competition.

Top companies never stop evolving even when they’re at the top of the supply chain and leaders in the industry. They have the capability to keep up with new trends and respond to major economic and technological changes. A lot of innovation comes with having an organic warehouse and being able to not only follow trends, but also take lead in them.

CEO’s Increased Role

Many major executives are increasing their attention to their own individual supply chains. A majority of executives are also seeing that becoming an expert in supply chain is becoming more difficult. More networks of distribution are becoming even more complex. Risks have increased and it is important to be on the ball for all areas of coordination.

CEOs need to know that there are emerging opportunities that can increase growth and make their companies more profitable. There are a variety of ways that improving your supply chain flow can increase performance in business.

Strategies in Motion

In order to differentiate yourself from the competition, you’ll need to offer product innovations and supply leadership in areas of logistics. One of the forces you’ll need to bring together is your team. As a leader you need to be able to bring people together and get them working with the data they need to succeed. Your role of command will be very important here and that is what is going to differentiate yourself from the competition. Most CEOs will not get involved in everything and the minute details of logistics in supply chains. This is surprising too, considering controlling the supply chain is a foundational skill of increasing profit margins and better control or flow of the company in general.

Another strategy to take into account is by creating a modern supply chain organization. With you taking the lead and actually understanding the mechanics behind the supply chain, you’ll have more free reign to push for more innovative solutions.

An entire integrated system is needed as opposed to the old separate tier system. Data analysis enables the CEO of a company and others the ability to manage supply chains from end to end. In the retail sector, this can be invaluable as these things happen basically in real time. Appointment of a single leader assists in making improvements across the entire spectrum of projects.

Essentially a CEO will be delivering leadership across supply chain organization and working with product tiers in areas of a company that include marketing, management, customer retention and even more. The advent of data driven analysis gives you the power to do all of this in the palm of your hand.

Setting Performance Goals

One of the best ways to take advantage of leadership is through putting out actionable goals that will get the whole team motivated. This provides value for your business and helps protect against the major risks associated with supply chain management.

Some of the ways to do this is by putting up key metrics that don’t follow traditional lines of success. That is to say you’ll be measuring performance based on another set of criteria to boost the team’s morale and focus. Make sure these benchmarks you set matter for the business and do come down to the bottom line. Turn your supply chain into a powerful point of competition.

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