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The much-maligned Gen Y ask why it’s so hard to get a foot in the door, and employers ask why kids these days are so lazy, but feel so entitled.

Like every generation before them, its elders sneer at the younger generations, but the simple fact is that they’re inevitably going to be in charge one day.

It’s worthwhile recognising now that the new kids have plenty to offer your business.


If Gen Ys are entitled, it’s because they’ve grown up being told they can change the world – and coming into a workforce stumbling through a bust economy, they see a lot to change.

They’re also often called materialistic, always after the latest piece of hardware and quick to throw out the old, but why does that have to be a negative? It just means Gen Ys are quite to adapt to changes and quick to innovate, ready to learn how to make each experience better.

As a result, they’re creative, optimistic, and full of ideas about how to innovate and improve.


Gen Ys are often derided for being addicted to their smartphones and laptops, but again, there’s a positive spin that can be put on that.

Whether it’s social media marketing, working through the cloud, or simply updating the security system on your office computers, technology is a cornerstone of business success today.

While you’re poring over manuals and how-to guides for Twitter, the digital natives of Gen Y have got a handle on it already.

Work Experience

If you still need convincing to take a chance on Gen Y, test one out for a while.

Unpaid work is a perpetual hot topic, but if you’ve got university students or recent graduates knocking on your door asking to spend some time in your business to gain relevant work experience, it’s worth letting them in.

Given how difficult it can be for Gen Y to get work experience, most are desperate to get a position and make the most of it. If you treat the internship just as seriously by teaching your intern about your business and giving them a chance to work on projects rather than completing simple admin tasks, your intern could turn into your next employee somewhere down the line.

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Gina Baldassarre

Gina Baldassarre

Gina is a journalist at Dynamic Business. She enjoys learning to ice skate and collecting sappy inspirational quotes.

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