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Small businesses want staff to keep germs at home

Bank of Queensland’s Straight Talk Survey has found that 83 percent of small business owners would prefer staff to stay at home when they’re sick, even though 42 per cent of them would only stay at home if they were on death’s door.

Swine Flu
Watch out for Swine Flu this season

BOQ Group Executive David Marshall said the surveys gauged the thoughts and opinions of small businesses across Australia, on a range of issues.

“The survey results fly in the face of traditional beliefs about sick leave, with many employees believing that they needed to drag themselves into the office regardless of how they’re feeling,” Mr Marshall said.

“It shows that small business owners recognise the costs to productivity and workplace morale when winter illnesses spread through staff.”

The survey also broached the contentious debate over paid maternity leave, with 53 per cent of small business owners saying they believed the responsibility for paid maternity leave should be absorbed by the individual, and only 5 per cent saying the employer should bear the cost.

“Clearly there are some very strong views on who should be responsible for paid maternity leave,” Mr Marshall said.

“Overwhelmingly, small business owners see it as the responsibility of the individual, rather than business owners, or the Government.

“And the debate is proving to be even stronger regarding paid paternity leave, with 63 per cent saying that the individual should bear the financial responsibility,” Mr Marshall said.

“There was a resounding opinion that small businesses couldn’t afford to bear the cost of paid maternity or paternity leave, with one respondent stating they’re ‘paying for someone to work not sit at home’.”

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