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Respect outweighs sharing in local workforce

Australian workers have ranked knowledge and skills sharing low on the priority list for a happy workplace.

A new global study by Regus, discovered only two-fifths (43 percent) of Australian respondents encouraged sharing, placing more focus on other elements.

“Although Australia’s workforce is supportive of their colleagues they don’t necessarily tend to be as open to sharing their skills and knowledge with each other across their businesses,” Russell Reynolds Associates Executive Director Peter O’Brien said.

The survey asked over 17,000 respondents from more than 80 countries what key factor created a happy work atmosphere.

O’Brien explained the results from local respondents reflects Australian values.

“This is a common trait and strength of Australian culture in that there is less hierarchy and more focus on people having the opportunity to have a say, regardless of position in the organisation.”

The key ingredient for Australian workplaces is respect for colleagues. About 65 percent listed it as the most important, reaching above the global average. Second on the list was vocally acknowledging the work of others (49 percent). Australians were also more likely to help colleagues in times of need.

“Australian workers are ever more aware of the importance that the character of the people they work and spend so many hours of their day with has on job satisfaction,” Regus Regional ANZ and South East Asia Vice President William Willems said.

While 43 percent of Australian respondents will share skills and knowledge, almost 49 percent of employees worldwide actively do so.

Willems believes the survey is a wake-up call to managers.

“It brings to light that this area of employee relations and management requires further attention, as Australia continues to experience skills shortages and has an ageing population.”

Melissa Perreault

Melissa Perreault

Melissa is Loyalty Media's Production Co-ordinator, who also has a degree in Journalism and moonlights as an occasional writer for Dynamic Business. She hails from Canada, but now calls Sydney home.

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