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Need mobile security? There’s an app for that

Telstra has joined forces with Android mobile security experts, to develop an app to help customers better protect their mobile devices from online threats.

Ideal for businesses with mobile-equipped staff, the Lookout app helps protect Android smartphone and tablet customers from malware, spyware, phishing and malicious links.

According to Telstra director of consumer apps and services Freddie Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen, with the rapid adoption of internet-connected devices consumers and businesses need to be more proactive about security.

“We expect cyber criminals to increasingly target these devices as they become richer sources of personal and financial data,” he said.

The Lookout app, available for download from the Telstra section of the Android marketplace, enables customers to backup data, find missing devices and manage phone security remotely.

“By partnering with Lookout we can provide customers with a simple application… helps protect them against malware-infected apps, privacy violations and data loss.

For any smartphone user, Telstra and Lookout have these simple tips for keeping your device safe:

1. Treat your device as you would your computer.

2. Use strong passwords to protect your information.

3. When connected to password-protected hotspots only use Wi-Fi and turn off any auto-connect features.

4. Be wary of emails or SMS messages from unknown sources asking you to update, validate or confirm your personal details.

5. Regularly back up the information and data stored on your device.

6. Only download apps for your device from trustworthy sources to avoid viruses and malware.

7. Install system updates as they become available – they often include security updates.

8. Before you upgrade or recycle your device, delete all personal/business details.

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Shauna O'Carroll

Shauna O'Carroll

Shauna is a second year Journalism and International Studies student at the University of Technology in Sydney. She has interned at various online and print publications and is now happily interning at Dynamic Business.

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