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Coffee breaks costing businesses dearly

For many of us, a 10-minute coffee break is an essential part of our daily routine, but research shows that it is costing Aussie businesses over $11.4billion per annum. 

We’re a nation dependent on coffee. We love the taste, the aroma, and the alertness that it provides us. We rush to work looking forward to that heavenly moccha or cappuccino that will make the long, hellish working day ahead more bearable.

But new research conducted on behalf of Aussie-owned organic Fairtrade coffee brand, República, revealed that coffee breaks are costing businesses over $11.4billion every year, with 65 percent of office workers spending 10 minutes per day taking a coffee break in the office, and the average trip to the local coffee shop taking 14.12 minutes.

“Australians are obsessed with coffee and won’t compromise on the taste. The trip to the coffee shop is a daily ritual and more than one third of business meetings are now held over a coffee in a café at least once a week,” said Jacqueline Arias, CEO of República.

While $11.4billion may seem excessive, Australian psychologist and founder of The Positivity Institute, Dr. Suzy Green, says the benefits outweigh the price – as coffee increases productivity and efficiency in the office.

She also advises employers to provide top quality coffee in the office to save the time it takes to walk to the local coffee shop, and still provide a catalyst for an enjoyable social exchange.

Most office employees (86 percent) say they firmly believe drinking coffee makes them more productive, and almost half (47 percent) say coffee boosts their energy levels, helping them concentrate better on their tasks. A further 43 percent say they can’t start their working day without a coffee boost.

In light of these results, Dr. Green believes the daily coffee break is a positive ritual that contributes to the mental well-being of employees, and therefore, should be mandatory in the workplace.

“The workplace should embrace the positive effects of coffee breaks. The physical benefits include giving the mind a rest and having time to refuel. Many creative ideas and solutions to problems also come in down-time,” he said.

“Australians work on average 40 hours a week so it’s important for companies to invest in creating a positive work environment which includes encouraging coffee breaks.”

República’s full coffee range is available to purchase online and in major supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths.


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