CareerOne backs SME mental health initiative has partnered with the Business in Mind project, to assist in raising awareness about mental health challenges facing local SMEs.

Business in Mind is a research project based at the University of Tasmania, designed to find out more about the types of psychological support needed in the SME sector.

According to project leader Dr. Angela Martin, mental health is becoming an increasingly important issue for SMEs, as many have little or no access to work-based psychological support.

“We know they are working longer hours and dealing with more financial stress, which pose significant risks to mental health. However, they simply do not have access to the resources to effectively manage these pressures that are available in other sectors.”

Martin said she hopes the project will arm SMEs with the resources they need to better understand their psychological needs.

CareerOne communications and marketing director Ben Foote said the company is excited to be involved with such an important research project.

“By partnering with Business in Mind we aim to raise community awareness of depression and anxiety in the workplace and reduce stigma attached, while also focusing on prevention and early intervention.”

“Through the Business in Mind partnership, we hope to equip them with the skills to identify depression and anxiety, promote a safe and healthy environment and help researchers find out more about the psychological support needed,” Foote said.

CareerOne will promote the Business in Mind project to its clients and partners nationally and connecting them to Business in Mind’s free DVD and resource kit.

To participate in the Business in Mind research project and to access the resource kit, visit:

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