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Three ways to improve team productivity with custom apps

Organisations are increasingly faced with the challenge of integrating technology into their workplace. That said, digitisation presents many innovative ways for businesses to improve their work processes, in ways that are tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. One such technological innovation that drives team productivity is custom apps.

According to FileMaker’s recent State of the Custom App report, organisations that have built a custom app experienced a 74% increase in productivity and an 81% reduction in inefficient tasks.

A custom app will allow your business to build a tailored software infrastructure without having to pay for many unneeded functions that may come with off-the-shelf apps. New technology platforms are making it easier for anyone to build an app, regardless of technical skills or expertise. All that’s needed is a strong understanding of your business requirements and the tools that will help your team collaborate most effectively.

Still unsure where the value in custom apps lies? Below are three ways custom apps can drive productivity for your teams.

1. Eliminate time-consuming and inefficient tasks

A business app should not become a dumping ground for data. For businesses managing large pools of data for customers, custom apps help reduce or eliminate inefficient tasks such as manual filing of documents including invoices, receipts and timesheets. Since implementing a custom app, 81% of businesses surveyed in the State of the Custom App report reported a reduction in inefficient tasks. The survey also found that document automation and filing records with specific information relevant to the right staff drastically reduced manual workload and data entry by multiple members of the team. Custom apps were also found to reduce errors in record management and allow key people to have access to relevant and up to date information at any time, rather than having to request it from various people.

2. Insightful analytics, allowing better decision-making

Effective information management is key for any organisation to leverage data and extract important insights to guide their business strategy. Custom apps can help businesses track specific information and harness key insights by generating the relevant analytics automatically. An off-the-shelf app that is not flexible may place limitations on teams who are obliged to work around the functions, rather than being in control of what is captured. Customisation enables decision makers to see the bigger picture and map key trends, making the reporting process less stressful for the team. Your team can focus their efforts on making well-informed decisions and concentrate on what they do best, without having to worry about data management and verification.

3. Work together, at any time and place

A custom app tailored specifically to meet your unique business needs, and which responds directly to how your team operates, will allow you to operate more effectively as a team. Furthermore, custom apps that integrate across mobile and desktop technology make it possible for teams to work together at any time and place — whether on the field or in the office. It’s all about easing the day-to-day workload for teams and giving them the information they need, to enable more effective customer service. Custom mobile apps can make sharing real time information a seamless experience, allowing teams to respond immediately when needed and to work collaboratively from any location.

Business teams across the globe have seen the importance of deploying custom mobile apps and how they add value on a day-to-day basis and improve productivity across teams. Most importantly, customisation enables the business app to work for your business rather than your team having to work around it. Gone are the days when you need highly technical professionals to develop a custom apps or a huge budget. Technology innovation now means that almost anyone – regardless of skill sets or business size – can develop a custom app. So all you need to do is start creating!

About the author

David Head is Consulting Engineer for FileMaker Inc in the Asia Pacific region. FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, delivers software for easily creating custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. David is a Certified FileMaker Developer with over 20 years experience developing FileMaker custom app solutions for a broad range of users and industries. David is also a FileMaker Authorised Trainer and qualified teacher.

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