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Tech Tuesday: Our top selections for powerful data analytics tools in 2022 (Part 2)

Note: This is the second instalment of this week’s Tech Tuesday. Here’s the first part.

SAP Concur

SAP Concur’s Business Intelligence comes with 180 prebuilt reports to give businesses a robust picture of spending. Intelligence provides spending data and analytics targeted at the issues affecting an entire organisation, so managers and employees will get the information they need to control spending as it happens or even before it happens. 

With Intelligence, business leaders can monitor trends, create custom reports, identify top spenders, enforce policies, and get insights that will help them make better business decisions. Sitting within Intelligence, persona dashboards are easy-to-use dashboards designed to provide information at a glance for a specific user working within a specific role or function.

Additionally, the fringe benefits tax (FBT) dashboard offers clear, actionable data for FBT analysis that can help businesses report on FBT liability to date against budgeted FBT liability and provide insight into the business’s entertainment spend for the year. 

Learn more here

Seer Data & Analytics

Seer Data & Analytics is a civic tech company turning data into action for those creating a better future. They make data accessible, usable, and shareable for users of all skill sets and strive to be the world’s problem-solving platform for local communities.

At its core, Seer Data is a co-designed data sharing platform optimised by and for its users of community organisations, not-for-profits, collaboratives, businesses, and governments. They connect Open Data, shared data from data stewards, AI-generated Smart Insights, machine learning models, and self-service ingested data all in one easy-to-use platform.

Seer Data bridge the data divide by democratising access, sharing, and storytelling with data to benefit society. Their unique offering is the facilitation of data sharing at the local level, a first in Australia and likely globally (according to GovLab, New York University).  

Find out how Seer Data & Analytics can support you and your community at seerdata.ai

Ontime Delivery Solutions

Telematics technology provides data and analytics for parcel delivery and vehicles, with enormous benefits for delivery fleets regarding efficiency, customer service, and safety. Yet research shows small and mid-sized delivery fleets have lagged larger fleets in adopting this technology.

To address this issue, Ontime Delivery Solutions launched Ontime Telematics, a streamlined telematics solution providing GPS tracking and route analysis to maximise efficiency, at a price point suitable for small-to-medium delivery fleets.

Benefits from telematics data and analytics include route optimisation and vehicle monitoring, which can also save fuel. Telematics is also used as a safety item where a business can be notified in the case of a driver not doing the correct thing, such as excessive speed or not taking breaks. 

Ontime Telematics assists in proof of delivery and provides greater transparency, with customers able to receive notifications and stay informed regarding their delivery status.

More here.


Tech Tuesday: Our top selections for powerful data analytics tools in 2022 (Part 2)

Alteryx helps organisations thrive in a digital-led, data-heavy era – to cut through the clutter, make sense of data, uncover business opportunities, and make better and more timely business decisions with data science and analytics automation.  

Launched in March 2022, the Alteryx Analytics Cloud is a unified, enterprise-ready analytics automation platform with approachable Cloud-native analytics and seamless out-of-the-box integrations with modern Cloud ecosystem applications.

With Alteryx, organisations can democratise access to data, break silos and deploy enterprise-wide analytics to put the power of data and analytics in the hands of everyone and anyone in the organisation.

More here: Alteryx


The mwah. Culture Dashboard is the culmination of 5-years of research, thinking, and analysis of over 60 organisations and tens of thousands of people on what matters at work. 

Today, the Culture Dashboard has become an innovative technology platform to understand, map and measure the complex human system that is organisational culture. We are really proud of the platform we have built and the insights it delivers. 

It focuses on 3 core indices:

  • Diversity Identity – who is in the organisation and what matters to them
  • Belonging Index – what matters across key dimensions like Purpose, Relationships and Accountability
  • Social Mapping (sometimes known as Organisational Network Analysis) – how does work happen?

These indices are visualised as a map of people experience, and can be grouped by Diversity Identity (and other lenses) so leaders can see how experience differs.

The Culture Dashboard is being adopted by progressive organisations globally, with increasing emphasis placed on both the integration of outside data sources to the Dashboard; and a shifting focus on shaping effective, longitudinal measurement of the ‘S’ (Social) within ESG.

More here.


In the age of online everything, a great customer experience is simply expected. A digital experience is supposed to be simple, easy, and enjoyable. Not only does this reduce customer churn, but it also promotes brand loyalty, leading to advocacy for your products or services.

To deliver an exceptional customer experience, knowing your customer is essential. With Freshworks’ Unified Customer Record, businesses can see a wider, richer, and deeper view of their customer, with clear visibility and easy analysis of data available at every touch point – right from the first touchpoint through marketing, all the way to sales and support. 

With customisable dashboards for available across functions like sales, marketing and support, key metrics like churn, lifetime value, product adoption, and financial health are available at the touch of a button for customer-facing teams to analyse customer data with ease and provide a delightful experience.

Access to data and analytics is the gateway to deeper insights into the customer experience — from product adoption and customer engagement to how customers use a product or service, where they spend their time, and what features they use the most.

More here.


Neo4j Graph Database

Harnessing the mathematics of graph theory – networks of nodes and relationships – Neo4j Graph Database is the only enterprise-ready graph database solution. It combines native graph storage and scalable speed-optimised architecture and ACID compliance for a reliable, secure, and fast-performing data analytics platform. 

Neo4j Graph Database empowers organisations to uncover rich data connections, run complex queries to deliver results in milliseconds, and uncover insights from previously unknown data. It runs and is available everywhere – on-premise and across public, private, and hybrid clouds. 

Neo4j Graph Database is the most widely deployed graph database, serving enterprises and government agencies to curb financial fraud, fight cybercrime, optimise global networks and supply chains, and accelerate breakthrough research.

To learn more about Neo4j Graph Database, visit: https://neo4j.com/product/neo4j-graph-database/ 

Neo4j AuraDB

Neo4j AuraDB is a fully managed cloud database service, enabling organisations to build mission-critical, global-scale graph applications. 

With one-click deployment, automated upgrades, and fully managed backups, Neo4j AuraDB significantly accelerates the development and deployment of intelligent applications on Neo4j in the cloud, enabling fast queries for real-time analytics and insights and creating rich, data-driven applications. 

Neo4j offers AuraDB Free, AuraDB Professional, and AuraDB Enterprise for small, medium, and large-scale applications. Neo4j AuraDB is available now. 

To learn more about Neo4j AuraDB, visit: https://neo4j.com/cloud/platform/aura-graph-database/

Neo4j Graph Data Science

Neo4j Graph Data Science is a connected data analytics and machine learning platform that helps businesses unlock hidden insights in their data to answer business-critical questions, make better predictions and accelerate innovation.

Using a library of over 65+ pre-tuned algorithms, connected data techniques, and in-graph machine learning (ML) models, businesses can pinpoint relationships that indicate fraud, improve customer satisfaction, and optimise supply chains. Neo4j Graph Data Science is available now.

To learn more about Neo4j Graph Data Science, visit: https://neo4j.com/product/graph-data-science/

Dell Technologies

Dell Data Protection Suite offers comprehensive data protection for increasingly complex modern IT environments. Built on a foundation of Dell PowerProtect Data Manager, NetWorker and Avamar, Dell Data Protection Suite is ideal for environments rich in mission-critical applications running in various configurations. 

Data Protection Suite provides organisations with flexible deployment options, allowing them to choose the data protection level they need.

Data Protection Suite offers the protection needed in a single software offering, whether it’s backup and recovery, disaster recovery, any point-in-time recovery, cyber recovery or long-term retention.

The product is available now and enquiries can be made here: https://www.dell.com/en-au/dt/data-protection/data-protection-suite/index.htm#accordion0


The online world is so pervasive today that for many businesses, the online strategy is the overall company strategy. Digital is the default. Similarweb’s digital intelligence tool helps make sense of the digital world, allowing anyone to analyse the trends associated with any website, app, industry, or global market.

Similarweb gives brands a 360-degree view of the entire digital landscape, including what consumers are searching for online, what they are not searching for, how they interact with competitors, and how these patterns shift over time.

This allows for much smarter and more comprehensive approaches to acquiring customers and understanding consumer behaviour – particularly in the increasingly crowded online retail space.

Similarweb’s rating, ranking, and traffic numbers are free for everyone to access through its website. This can be extended to an annual subscription which is scaled according to how granular data requirements are.

The Benchmarking Suite

The Benchmarking Suite is a unique business analysis platform designed to give business owners insights into how their business is really performing.

The software has been created to give accountants and business advisors a simple and accurate analysis tool for their small to medium Australian business clients.  Our purpose is to ensure reports are relevant for Australian business owners, so they can make data-driven decisions to grow their businesses.

More here.


Attributer is a marketing attribution tool which helps you understand where your leads, customers and revenue are coming from by capturing and passing marketing channel attribution data into your CRM and other sales and marketing tools. 

When a visitor lands on your site, Attributer looks at a bunch of technical information about how that visitor got there (same things as tools like Google Analytics look at) and uses it to determine where the visitor originated from. It then categorises the visit into a standardised set of marketing channels (the same channels you see in tools like Google Analytics, such as organic search, paid social, paid search, etc.) and saves the data to a cookie in the user’s browser.

When the site visitor submits a form on your website, Attributer passes the attribution information into hidden fields in your forms, and the data flows into whatever backend tools you have connected to your forms, such as your CRM, billing platform, analytics tools, etc.

You can then use this data to run reports that show you where your leads, customers and revenue are coming from and, ultimately, what you need to do to grow.

More here.

National Property Group 

National Property Group is an Australian property data provider helping real estate agents and property professionals use data strategically and effectively for better insights for vendors, buyers, and business growth.

Property data houses have billions of data points, but some are simply inaccessible and of little value, until you stumble across the property. An example of this is the lot, plan and dimension information. Most data companies supply this data in one form or another, but getting any actionable insights is difficult.

Understanding and identifying this data has significant implications on the property’s value, creating opportunities and risks for property professionals. As part of the National Property Group platform, BI tools allow small businesses to access details around lots and dimensions and then display the details on a mapping engine. It’s a game changer in property data and analytics.

More here.

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