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Tech Tuesday: Our top selection of tools for analysing business data in 2022

Note: This is the first instalment of this week’s episode. Here’s the second part.

Dynamic Business’s Tech Tuesdays column is dedicated to the businesses and products that have made great contributions to the tech industry, are pushing the boundaries of technology, and are redefining the future. 

You can improve your business with the actionable information that analytical tools can give you. These business analytics tools, fortunately, are more versatile and available than ever. They are strong enough for large businesses while remaining simple enough for SMEs. Analysts and data professionals use tools and software to achieve the best results in various tasks, including the preparation of data, the automation of processes, and more traditional tasks like data visualisation and reporting.

This column aims to inform readers about innovative technology that can simplify their lives. In this week’s edition, we’ve gathered a list of data and analytics solutions that can be game changers for businesses that can assist organisations in gathering, analysing, and turning data into reports that are easy to read, which they can then employ to boost their bottom line.

Let’s begin!

Talend Data Fabric

Talend, a global leader in data integration and data management, is taking the work out of working with data.

Data health is critical for any organisation— but keeping data in good condition requires a careful balance between availability, usability, integrity, and security. Talend helps businesses achieve and maintain the complete, trustworthy, uncompromised data they need to stay in control, mitigate risk and drive value.

Talend offers the only end-to-end platform that combines enterprise-grade data integration, integrity, and governance capabilities to unify data across any cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment. Innovations like the Talend Trust Score, which instantly quantifies the reliability of any dataset, remove barriers to becoming data-driven. 

Talend’s no-code and low-code modules give data experts and business users the means to actively promote the health of their data. With Talend, users across the organisation actively collaborate to understand, improve, and create value from data organisation-wide.

More information can be found here:  Talend

Sana Commerce Cloud

Sana Commerce Cloud is an ERP-integrated e-commerce solution built to enable business evolution and foster lasting customer relationships. With Sana Commerce Insights, a flagship feature of the product, you can utilise customer data and analytics to deliver seamless, personalised experiences on your web store. 

Designed to provide users with actionable commercial intelligence, Sana Commerce Insights makes all data available in one dashboard. It is purpose-built to be user-friendly, and provides you with quick and easy access to important store metrics whenever you need them. 

Not only can you integrate Sana Commerce Insights seamlessly with your Sana Commerce Cloud store and ERP, but custom dashboards also allow you to make the most of impactful performance metrics, such as customer adoption and revenue. 

Having all your data in one place gives you unique insights into your customers’ activities. For further information, please visit: Sana Commerce Cloud


Foodbomb, which launched in 2017, is an ordering solution that streamlines food service operations using data and gives buying power back to businesses. On Foodbomb, chefs, procurement managers and business owners can search and compare thousands of food products and easily order everything they need in one place. This full-price transparency and access to data allow business owners to control their costs and help them make smarter decisions to grow their businesses.

The food industry has traditionally been very manual and prone to errors and second-guessing. Food venues have to fill credit applications before being able to order from a supplier and often become locked into using certain suppliers with little visibility on the rest of the market. Foodbomb gives its customers full transparency on the market and complete control over their orders through data and information.

More here.

KOBA Insurance

Launched in November 2021, Aussie insurtech KOBA offers a very different approach to car insurance for Australian drivers by using data to calculate premiums. Users pay a fixed amount to have their car insured while it’s parked, and then they pay only for the distance they drive. 

This is made possible through a small matchbox-sized device called a KOBA Rider that attaches to a car’s OBD port. This communicates with the KOBA smartphone app to automatically calculate driving distances and charges a per-kilometre rate for each trip.

More here.


SnapLogic is a simple yet powerful enterprise integration platform that makes it fast and easy to connect applications and data, develop and manage APIs and more. Hundreds of Global

2000 customers — including Adobe, AstraZeneca, GameStop and Verizon — rely on SnapLogic to automate business processes, accelerate analytics and drive digital transformation.

SnapLogic’s flagship integration platform as a service (iPaaS) helps companies across industries, spanning health care, education, retail and more, modernise their data architecture.

Learn more here.


Amperity is the only customer data platform (CDP) that takes a comprehensive approach to help brands use data to serve their customers.

With features including AmpID, Amp360 and AmpIQ, Amperity addresses the full spectrum of customer data challenges, from identity resolution to assembling and accessing the elusive customer 360 to uncovering and activating the customer intelligence that matters — something that is notoriously challenging for most brands to achieve.

By making all customer data unified and actionable, Amperity allows brands to fuel all their systems with the rich and comprehensive data they need to power better marketing, analytics and customer experiences.

More here.


Domo is a self-service, low-code, mobile-friendly business intelligence (BI) and analytics tool that empowers organisations with real-time data tailored to their business needs via highly customisable, interactive dashboards, analytics tools and apps. 

The platform is disrupting the traditional business intelligence and data analytics industry by enabling anyone in a company to create data apps unique to their team’s needs to power any action in a business. 

From the C-suite to the factory floor, Domo puts real-time data in the hands of everyone, equipping them with the information they need to make informed decisions, all on their phone. With Domo’s fully integrated cloud-native platform, critical business processes can now be optimised in days instead of months or more, and key decisions can be made in minutes.

Domo has an established presence in the APAC region and is helping organisations of all sizes and in every industry to optimise their business perform

More here.


Solving the problem of customer relevancy while driving commercial outcomes, Rokt marketing and eCommerce solutions help businesses make sense of their customer data. 

Addressing the friction point of irrelevant, repetitive and irritating ads to end customers, Rokt turns this problem on its head to become an ultimate value add by high-value use of existing data sets. Meanwhile, eCommerce businesses can simultaneously provide more value to their customers and further monetise their digital real estate. 

Using market-leading technology, Rokt allows eCommerce businesses to serve the next best action to their customers both pre-and post-transaction. This allows the business to take data already at their fingertips and use it more effectively – serving offers that are more relevant and engaging to that individual, with copy and design tailored directly to them. 

More here.


Tech Tuesday: Our top selection of tools for analysing business data in 2022

Melbourne-headquartered manufacturing performance software company, OFS, has recently deployed its OFS-X line performance software to craft breweries across Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., helping them better understand the ‘data behind the draft’ and analyse it to improve efficiency.

OFS-X provides accurate, real-time overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) data – the gold standard for manufacturing productivity – on breweries’ production and packaging lines. This includes production and changeover length and how different lines, shifts and crews perform. In one example, Oregon-based brewery Ninkasi leveraged data to increase its on-time-in-full orders from 40pc to 94pc.

More here.

WE Motion Matrix For Cross-Channel Marketing Measurement

Tech Tuesday: Our top selection of tools for analysing business data in 2022

Today’s marketers use an average of eight different channels in their conversion funnels, but connecting these platforms into one cohesive view can be expensive, time-consuming and technologically complex. WE Communications Australia has created a tool called Motion Matrix that allows the API or dataexport from almost any marketing channel to connect together easily into one single funnel view at an affordable price: starting at $500/month.

We launched the product in early 2021 to have positive reception across our client set. In the months since, we have added new features like competitor benchmarking, multi-market views, creative A/B testing and more. Since strategists built the product, we add features that give our clients actionable intelligence – not just a load of extra (but ultimately unhelpful) data.

Contracts are flexible on an annual or campaign basis, and clients have access as needed to support from our wider agency resources of account management, digital and platform experts, industry sector experts and integrated marketing specialists.

Learn more about WE Communications Australia at https://www.we-worldwide.com.au/

Speech Analytics

Businesses are turning to data and analytics solutions to improve operational efficiency and meet compliance. ipSCAPE’s customer experience platform offers a leading Speech Analytics solution that supports many industries, including BPOs and Financial Services.  

The solution transcribes 100% of recorded calls and analyses sentiment, emotions, and phrases to measure satisfaction. This can be used to develop retention strategies and proactively address customer dissatisfaction. The data can be utilized for training purposes by profiling the most successful conversations, a powerful tool for improving agent performance. 

Head of Business Solutions at ipSCAPE, Eric Parker, highlighted, “Data and analytics tools can enable organisations to leverage AI to shape their decision making. Building insights from customer interactions enables organisations to optimise customer experiences, uncover business problems early, and gather market intelligence in near real-time.”  

ipSCAPE’s Speech Analytics solution can be implemented within weeks. More here 


Castlepoint is an Artificial Intelligence solution used and trusted by government and commercial organisations to apply cutting-edge technology to resolve the long-standing, intractable problems ofeDiscovery, and cyber security and to overcome the limitations of traditional records systems. 

Castlepoint answers the question – what could you achieve if you knew what every piece of information in your environment was about, where it was, what was happening to it, what rules applied to it, and whether those rules were being met? 

Castlepoint uses artificial intelligence to automatically register, classify, sentence, track, monitor and audit all records of a business, no matter what system they are stored in. This provides full compliance and control of all information assets, with no negative impacts on users, governance teams, or information systems.


Pearson is a SAAS enterprise platform that uses AI to forecast the impacts of factors which shape and affect workers, companies, industries and even entire economies. 

The impact of Pearson is significant because it prepares companies and workers for the future of their industries. In pre-emptively identifying upcoming trends and shifts across industries, the platform informs businesses and individuals where their skills and expertise will be valued and where they may need to pivot. 

Pearson disrupts the current work skilling landscape with a continuous influx of data and analytics, giving businesses a wide view of the present and future shifts and trends across the industry and nationwide. The platform also assists businesses in upskilling and reskilling, helping determine where their hard and soft skills can best transition them into a new role that will benefit the company and the employee. 

More here.

Foresight AI – Reputation 2.0

Imagine being able to identify reputation-damaging events to your business months before they surface. Foresight AI is all about the early detection of reputation-damaging risks and events through the use of big data analytics and machine learning.  The AI technology analyses email data with direct identifiers removed, using purpose-built algorithms to isolate patterns and issues.

This allows reputation red flags to be identified, enabling organisations to make informed decisions and respond to issues early.

Foresight AI is a service of Daymark. As a team of reputation specialists, we tasked ourselves with translating how we look out for reputation challenges facing our clients into various algorithms and data analytic packages. Foresight AI mimics what we look for but across a far greater larger data set and more measures.

We know that issues that impact reputation primarily originate from within an organisation that is missing warning signs. There is typically a breakdown in business processes impacting customers, employees or stakeholders. Or there may be a failure to recognise small but recurring system failures within the organisation that can’t be distinguished from the daily noise of problems. This is what Foresight AI can pick up – early.

More here.

Here’s Part two.

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