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New Technology June’07

Hot new products…

1) Acer Slim Desktop

The Acer Veriton 1000 is part of Acer’s new L series of desktops that are so slim they’re being called ‘notebook replacements’. Ten times smaller and four times lighter than traditional PC towers, they offer space-saving solutions to businesses who still need a desktop. As well a streamlined size, these new skinny PCs offer up to 50 percent reduction in power consumption than traditional models, while still providing the same level of power to run business applications. As well as the benefits of reduced clutter, smaller also means quieter, running at 26 decibels.


Intel Core 2 Duo processor

Windows Vista capable

8 USB ports

250mm x 60mm x 200mm

80 GB hard drive

Product: Acer Veriton 1000

RRP: $1,599 (including GST)



2) Hands-free Car Kit

Put an end to the in-car phone fumble with the BT1800 hands-free car kit. It uses bluetooth technology to allow you to access calls and caller info without fumbling for your phone or worrying about an earpiece. Simply attach it to your sun visor and talk away. A quick glance will show who’s calling, and if your phone supports voice dialling you can take advantage of that as well. Powered by a standard cigarette lighter jack, the power cord can be tucked out of sight to reduce any distraction.


Memory holds last 10 dialled numbers

Backlit display

5- to 6-hour talk time

230 hours standby

Product: BT1800 Bluetooth Car Kit

RRP: $159



3) VoIP Headset

A lot of businesses are now seeing the cost benefits of making calls online. If you’re one of them, you may want to check out Verbatim’s latest headset. It allows you to tap into Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology without hassle—just plug it into your USB port and you’re off. The light and durable design means it can be worn for those lengthy business discussions, and Verbatim pays special attention to acoustics to make sure everything sounds clear and crisp. A remote on the cord provides an easy one-touch mute and volume adjustment.


USB 2.0 connectivity

30 mm drivers for stereo acoustics

2m cable

Omni-directional microphone

Verbatim USB VoIP Headset

RRP: $39.95



4) Virtual Expander Technology

The Sony Vault Tiny range of USB drives are not small in every department. While each is about as big as a thumbnail (measuring 14.5 x 2.7 x 30.0mm), they come in 1GB, 2GB and now a 4GB model, so there’s plenty of memory to store large multi-media files to keep you mobile. The built-in Virtual Expander technology means files can be dragged, dropped and compressed, and then decompressed when opened or removed from the Vault, allowing up to three times as much information to be stored as a regular USB drive.


Compatibility with most operating systems

Hi-speed interface

Carry case

Product: Sony Micro Vault Tiny

RRP: $234.95 (4GB version)



5) Blackberry with GPS

Not only is this latest BlackBerry the thinnest available at 14mm, it’s the first one with built-in GPS. This means it can support a number of location-based applications and services, in addition to the other standard BlackBerry features, such as web browser, organiser and multimedia applications. And light-sensing technology automatically adjusts the screen, keyboard and trackball to surroundings. The low-distortion speakerphone adds to the mobility, and used in conjunction with the BlackBerry Internet Service it can manage up to 10 personal and corporate email accounts.


Full QWERTY keyboard

Bluetooth 2.0

MicroSD expandable memory slot

Voice recognition

RIM trackball navigation system

High capacity battery

Product: BlackBerry 8800

RRP: $899 approx (check with provider)



6) GPS Rear Vision

The GPS is fast putting roadmaps out of business, and now even the humble rear-view mirror is in danger. Reverseasy’s GPS Rear Vision Camera System adds up to two rear vision cameras to a standard GPS and monitor. The system automatically switches to reverse camera mode when the car is put into reverse, and uses a wide-angle camera lens to give you a greater view of the area behind you—especially useful in large vehicles where there may be obscured vision. With one monitor, one set of wiring and one installation service covering the two systems, it’s twice as easy to cover yourself on the road.


12.7cm touch screen

Turn-by-turn voice prompting

Auto re-route and multiple routing

Product: Reverseasy GPS Rear Vision Camera System

RRP: From $1,145


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