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Keep up with tax changes digitally

The Tax Institute has unveiled its first iPad app, designed to help tax professionals to keep up to date with changes made to taxation legislation.

The Taxation in Australia app is an iPad-friendly version of the monthly journal of the same name that’s published by The Tax Institute.

With some 77 percent of Australians seeking expert advice when lodging their tax return each year, The Tax Institute expects the app will be very appealing to taxation professionals.

“The app is a detailed, immersive version of our journal that makes keeping up with the changing complexities of tax relatively painless,” Tax Institute CEO Noel Rowland said.

“Our need for expert advice is understandable when you realise that our tax legislation runs to more than 7000 pages and the way it’s applied changes with new ATO rulings coming out monthly.”

According to Rowland, the app will give members access to vital tax information, including richer content such as video and audio content.

“The ultimate beneficiaries will be their clients.”

Interestingly, 81 percent of The Tax Institute’s members have indicated a strong interest in social media and online networking tools with six-in-ten using or considering purchasing a tablet computer for professional use.

The app was developed in-house by The Tax Institute and its first edition will include a rich suite of capabilities including detailed author profiles, instant article feedback, video and podcasts, interactive calendars, event notices, charts and diagrams.

The app can be downloaded at:

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