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Source: arielmore on Pixabay

CES 2022: Here are the top Business Technology Products unveiled at this year’s biggest tech event

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, the world’s biggest annual gadget expo, is already underway, showcasing hundreds of innovative new products from industry leaders. 

The convention brings together industry giants, advertisers, and tech-savvy customers to try out the most cutting-edge gadgets.

The event is the IT industry’s yearly kick-off, with several exhibitors and key product launches from large and small businesses. This year’s CES 2022 also includes new categories such as Food Tech, Space Tech, and NFTs. 

Dynamic Business is compiling a list of exciting product launches and innovations.

Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Series SXK50 Small Business Mesh System (By NETGEAR)

Source: CES.tech

NETGEAR Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Series simplifies and accelerates network security for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by easily creating multiple and unique IP Layer3 local area networks (LANs). 

Multi-LAN IP Segmentation can create separate LANs on an IP level across both WiFi and Ethernet ports. Orbi Pro is the first mesh solution that provides small businesses with unique Multi-LAN IP segmentation features.

See & Spray (by John Deere)

Source: CES.tech

See & Spray is an agricultural robot that uses computer vision and machine learning to differentiate between plants and weeds and spray pesticides only on the weeds. 

This ground-breaking plant-level management technology grants a machine vision while reducing pesticide use by up to 80 per cent, benefiting the farmer, the surrounding community, and the environment.

Business VPN (By NETGEAR)

Source: CES.tech

With an increasing number of employees working from home, securing data between offices and remote employees has proven a critical business challenge. 

NETGEAR Insight Business VPN offers site-to-site network encryption, securing data traffic for business devices used by work-from-home employees and branch offices.

NETGEAR Insight Business VPN, unlike other VPN solutions, extends to the SSID. The end-user does not need to use a VPN software or log in with Insight Business VPN; they connect to the existing office SSID and are automatically connected to the VPN.

NFT aggregation platform (By Samsung Electronics America)

Source: CES.tech

The NFT Aggregation Platform from Samsung is the first TV screen-based, single viewing NFT platform, integrating various NFT marketplaces where consumers can browse, purchase, and enjoy their favourite NFTs—directly on their Samsung TV. 

Consumers will be able to watch, exchange, and display NFTs with the same quality intended by NFT producers on all 2022 Samsung QLED, Frame, and MicroLED TV models. 

The user-friendly interface will enable users to explore, preview easily, and buy and sell high-quality digital assets across many NFT marketplaces.

BinaxNOW COVID-19 Self-Test and NAVICA App (by Abbott)

Source: CES.tech

The BinaxNOW COVID-19 Self-Test is a portable test that detects COVID-19 results in 15 minutes and is approved for over-the-counter, serial asymptomatic testing. 

As the most widely used and studied rapid COVID-19 test in the U.S., BinaxNOW has been used by communities, schools and employers to minimize spread.

Innerbottle (by Innerbottle.co Ltd)

Source: CES.tech

Innerbottle’s patented product provides an eco-friendly solution to packaging waste. Contents can be inserted into Innerbottle’s elastic inner packaging and then inserted into any bottle, allowing almost all the liquid contents to be pumped out during use.

Recycling is also made easier knowing the liquid contents don’t touch the outer packaging and can be recycled with pre-scheduled logistics through the RE-TURN app.

Smart Multi-Color A19 Bulb with Health Monitoring Radar (by Sengled)

Source: CES.tech

With more purpose than merely providing light, Sengled’s smart light bulb comes with built-in health monitoring radar technology to track body temperature, heart rate, and other vital signs. Users can track these health statistics through Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar and Sengled’s proprietary AI algorithm.

Multiple bulbs can also be connected via a Bluetooth Mesh Network to detect movements and behaviour through a virtual map, useful for instances like needing help from falling down.

VideowindoW (by VideowindoW)

Source: CES.tech

Using an advanced algorithm and light sensors, VideowindoW turns glass facades into transparent video screens. The immersive entertainment also works as glare and climate control, reducing the carbon footprint of these spaces.

The display uses daylight as a backlight to create energy-efficient screens and allows for increased advertising and branding space. It can already be found at certain airports and patents have been granted in the USA and Europe.

3D-JUN (by 3djun)

Source: CES.tech

3DJun is a highly accurate 3D modeling solution that promises a minimum 97.9% accuracy rate. It uses a photogrammetry technique to capture textures in its 3D models and received #1 in accuracy in its 2020 quality report.

AI Cloud Spatial Awareness Platform (by WATA Inc.)

Source: CES.tech

The WATA platform uses GPS, hybrid spatial data, smartphone sensors, and correction algorithms to create indoor maps with a phone. The platform provides accurate location services even underground and indoors where typically GPS might not reach and routinely updates databases with environment changes.

The collected location data allows for monitoring foot traffic, managing attendance, and sending promotions and emergency alerts.

POM (by Tellus You Care, Inc.)

Source: CES.tech

POM by Tellus is a contactless, wall-mounted device that uses remote monitoring technology. Based on radar technology and proprietary algorithms, the device monitors the health of a person in its surroundings. Vitals and other data are available on the secure cloud to family members and caregivers and alerts are sent out on important events like falls.

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